Spotlight on musicians Darren Claxton (@darrenclaxton) and Davood Faramarzi (@davidfar) of Broken Ocean (part 2)

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This is part 2 of my interview with musicians Darren Claxton (@darrenclaxton) and Davood Faramarzi (@davidfar) on my blog. You can read part 1 here.

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Cendrine Marrouat: While I have enjoyed all your songs so far, one continues to haunt me. "Stay Where You Fall" has some of the most powerful lyrics I have heard in a long time. And the music uplifts my spirit every time! I am curious to know what triggered your desire to create it. How have people reacted to it?

Darren Claxton: Stay Where You Fall was our first track.

Well, where do I start? David sent me the bare bones of an idea that he had, and I just loved the feel of it and the way it had that epic uplifting sound. I’m the lyric writer, and usually just put down on paper how I feel at the time.

It is probably a metaphor for something that I’ve experienced in the past, maybe the destructive relationship I was in or something similar, who knows. That’s the beauty of writing lyrics/poetry, people can relate to them and even find some correlation between them, and their own lives.

Davood Faramarzi: This is where we started and enjoyed our time when we were working on this song.

This track started with an idea I had with piano and war drums. I was thinking of bringing something great and sending it to Darren as I heard his power in music, so I chose to start with something special.

At first, it was only an intro. Darren started and wrote perfect lyrics and so we went on and completed the track. Darren did a perfect performance, singing it so powerfully. I really enjoyed it.

CM: What makes your collaboration unique?

DC: Our traditions and way of life make our collaboration unique. David is Iranian and I’m a non-religious English Gentleman. We have a language barrier but have somehow found a way to work around it and not take any offence by what the other one is trying to say. Sometimes we get lost in translation, but music always corrects that.

DF: I think there are many elements. But well I can mention that the way each one of us reached a point in music and the life we spent on music, and our cultures and well also our connections in the taste of music we chose to work on. And the way we try to not do the same things (which mostly everyone does) makes our collaborations unique.

CM: Every artist creates for specific reasons. What are yours?

DC: I hope to become a full-time musician in the near future and continue to write and record my own solo material. My songs are posted daily on Steemit, Whaleshares, and EasySocial which gives me a chance to save up the tokens in my EasyDex Bitshares account.

Unfortunately, Crypto is in a bear market, so there it stays until things start moving again.

Our hope is to release our Debut album or EP in the new year and start to sell some copies which will help us buy some new instruments and equipment. We would also like to get our music onto a movie soundtrack in the near future too.

DF: If I say it only from my ideas, I have to say: The way I find reasons for life and reasons for being in the world, which is a mystery as nobody is totally sure what they are actually doing here. I can't really explain those reasons, but well sometimes there come some ideas and reasons but usually its in our natures what we choose.

I think sometimes it's better to let music speak to audiences and let them choose the path they like to choose, not leading them to a point that we want. I also have tracks that I sing about specific things maybe some about social life and problems of the world, about equality of humans in the world.

But mostly I love a song to be alive in centuries and remain current after a problem is fixed. Not sticking it to something which will be forgotten.

CM: You have been musicians for a long time. What has changed in the industry since you started? And do you think it is easier for indies to make a name for themselves than a few years ago?

DC: When I first started sharing music online, it was on MySpace, which was a great platform for the independent artist. Then came eMusic (I’m now a musician Ambassador for them) and Soundcloud. Facebook and YouTube are other ways to share music, but, these places rarely reward the artist unless you have an incredibly large following.

The new crypto currency space and blockchains, are really helping us indies to earn from our music and it will just grow and grow from here onwards.

DF: There are different ideas. Sometimes I think back then, it was easier to become popular as there were fewer musicians. If someone shouted out, everyone could see him/her ( I mean if someone released a song a few years ago, people could find him/her faster).

But now with social media like Instagram, artists just get lost under huge amounts of songs and performances posted everyday. It's harder to go to the top so fast, maybe it takes more money to reach that goal. (Paying for advertisement and asking big pages to share your works)

CM: Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

DC: Earning a full-time wage and creating our 5th album, maybe in the music charts globally and playing live gigs. Steemfest would be a great place to showcase our work. We’d also like to be regularly featured on movie and TV soundtracks.

DF: I am not too sure, but if you want to know my idea, I will say that I hope that we can be at the top list of musicians of the world (not for being famous). Some people think if you are looking forward to be at the top list, it means that you just love to be famous. But what I see is that being famous is a tool to be able to have more audiences and do more than what you can do without it. And for example companies. And if we wanted to start working on Film Scores and soundtracks, we would have more chance as we reached a point where they can see our works result.

CM: Anything you would like to add?

DC: I’m sure I also speak for David when I say that, Broken Ocean has been well and truly born and will continue to grow stronger each day, each week and each month. We, combined, have so much more to create and release, so watch this space.

DF: Well at the moment I can't add anything but I just thank you for the interview.

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Thanks for posting this great interview.
It's such a pleasure to work with @davidfar and others like your good self CM.
Happy new year, and may it bring us all fame and fortune!


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Great interview such an interesting read


Thank you!


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