Sociopathic Alcoholic

in music •  2 years ago  (edited)

Must not sleep, must warn others. Sampled some orchestra and got funky with copious amounts of alcohol. Let me know what you think! Can you guys recognize the vocal sample ?

Added a potato photo of my setup used.

Made with Ableton DAW.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi friend how are you? @Callmedoom and extrospect

I'm great, yourself?

I am fine

so dope bro.


Sir Are you an employer? where do you
live? @extrospect

Hey @perry1! Sorry I did not get back to you, I live in Las Vegas! I am an employer, I just support the steem community!

What job do you have?

I just bring people to Steem!

You work with steem People steem you

I would like to increase the power of the
like. What should I buy steem before?

I do a pretty beautiful drawing. My art
does not target bad people. steemit likes
art more people So in the month I spend
250 $ to learn art. What is my job to learn
is to be unemployed? I do not see more
than 10-12 people when I post. I would
like to buy the power of the like. What if I can buy the power to tell me a

10-12 people is pretty good, especially when you just started! It took me a long time to build up followers, I just posted 3/4 times a day and it happened slowly.

thanks for your information @grapthar

If I send you steem. So you can give me
my power. @extrospect

And come they will! Keep it up!

I love to paint. I am 14 years old I'm
learning the drawings now. I would like to
be a celebrity as I grow up. Pray for me.

A lot of your art is amazing, keep practicing!

Thank you. I love art

Wonderful post. I love music

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