Album Covers Contest#29: Win 1 SBI + 0.5 SBD

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Hi music lovers!
Another Wednesday, another Album Covers Contest!
Here comes the 29th round of the contest!
Below, there is a square composed of 4 album covers (sorry for the coffee stains 😈)
Could you say which album covers are?


1 SBI share (Steem Basic Income) for the contestant who knows more album covers.
0.5 SBD to split in equal parts between all who have upvote my comment with the correct relation of the years that the albums were released (the person who wins the SBI prize won't receive this prize)
Prize awarded in 5 days ( 17/09/2018)

Today album covers



✔ Upvote the post
✔ Make a comment answering (from left to right and up to down) the name of the artist and the album name.
✔ The winner of the SBI will be the person who answers more correct album covers. I recommend you to answer the 4 album covers even that you don't know if all of them are correct. For example: if you know all 4 album covers except one, you can also write a name of a band and album that don't correspond to it. Why to do this? If you cheat on this, other contestants won't be sure if it's real or not so they will have to check it or copy yours.
✔ The winner will be the one who has more correct answers, so if no one answers correctly the 4 album covers, the winner will be the contestant who has answer correctly 3 of them. If no one then who answers 2 of them, etc.
✔ In case that more than one contestant has the same number of correct answers the winner will be the contestant who answered first.
✔ I'll start following the first steemian to answer correctly to the four album covers (remember: artist + album name)
✔ Resteem is not mandatory but I'll be happy if you do it!
✔ Feel free to add any comment about the bands & albums.
I'm not gonna consider contestants that:
✔ don't have an avatar
✔ are not posting own content, only content to enter contests
✔ users under 25 reputation


✔ I've written four comments on this post. In every comment there is a relation of the 4 possible years that the albums were released (written in no particular order). Only one of the comments will be true. Try to know which one is the true one. I'll give 0.5 SBD to split in equal parts between all who have upvote my comment with the correct relation of the years that the albums were released.

The purpose of this contest is to promote music community on Steemit. All covers credited to the bands.

Thanks to all who have participated on the contests until today @jpoubaez @evilelvis @iotastories @centenojesus @markoslaw @valuematik @conradt @yura81 @gduran @bipolar @infamousit @bigskycustoms @edward2000 @dee-y @meme.elena @izzynaveda @luiskrupaz @zeeshanlodhi @allbums @veronicasmb @adazone @cvrlo @bozz @vanessazune2 @alexandracruz @conradino23 @juanmolina @gabrielkrupaz @irisalfonzo1 @fjmb86 @annycor @lacoqueta @kurtricatura @apple96 @majes.tytyty @majes.tytyty @gregraubart @niallon11 @grasozauru @barmbo @valente @cannonball6 @smitop @elelobos

Curators and sponsors for this contest are more than welcome!


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And remember: every Wednesday new "Album Covers Contest" with SBI/STEEM prizes

Let's rock! with @calisay

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  • 1 Mike Farris - Silver & Stone’
  • 2 Aretha Franklin - Sweet Passion
  • 3 Eli Paperboy Reed - Come And Get It
  • 4 The Clash - The Clash

BeFunky Collage.jpg


You know I thought the last one was The Clash at first glance .....but it isn't :P

1996 / 1977 / 2014 / 2008

2004 / 1998 / 1977 / 2000

  1. Mike Farris - ‘Silver & Stone’
  2. Eli "Paperboy" Reed - "Come And Get It"

1977 / 2016 / 2010 / 1998

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You have been kicking my butt lately, again have no idea on any of these!!

Hi @calisay!
This is my first time in this contest. Sorry but I don't understand how the prize of the dates of the albums works. Do we vote for the option of dates that we believe is correct? Because I was researching and the dates of publication of the albums and what I found do not match the options (2018, 1977, 2010, 1977) so I'm a bit confused.


So maybe one of the 4 covers you think is correct its not correct. One of the 4 comments has the 4 correct years, so you must upvote the correct one.

Mike Farris - Silver & StoneAretha Franklin - Sweet Passion
Eli Paperboy Reed - Come and get it!