Dlive Music Gig Guide Submissions for week ( 16.05 - 27.05 )

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A weekly gig guide to upcoming Dlive music performances

Hi Steemit,

Welcome to the Dlive music gig guide. A weekly gig guide to upcoming Dlive music performances. Read more about the concept here

Rules are simple:

-I will create a weekly post called "Dlive Music Gig Guide Submissions (upcoming week dates)

-You add a comment with the following details to your upcoming live performance

A short bio about yourself/band ( Max 140 characters )
Date & time of your performance UTC ( Coordinated Universal Time )
About your upcoming performance ( Max 140 characters )

-Live streaming must be done via Dlive

-Performance must be of live music. All music welcome.

-Maintain punctuality on the date and time you set. (Within reason of course)

-Cut off for submissions is Sunday 13th May 12PM UTC

-Gig Guide will be posted on Wednesdays 16th May at 2PM UTC

-The Gig Guide will cover 11 days ( 16.05 - 27.05 ) so there is always overlap.

Here is an example of an entry:

@builtinfire Grunge meets blues rock, solo indie artist from Australia. 17th May 2018 @ 4PM UTC. I'll be playing an acoustic set covering all past submissions to OpenMic.

@camuel has created a public Google calendar where all upcoming performances will all also be listed. You can view the calendar here

I look forward to watching you perform live

Sincerely @builtinfire


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