"Flow Like a River" (freestyle from this month's WeAreChangeColorado Open Mic)

in music •  last year

Aloha Steemians!

It is SO exciting to connect with you! I am Wildfire!!! Here's a freestyle from the depths of my heart to yours! This took place at the @WeAreChange-CO open mic in Denver! It was such a blessing to jam with @JohnnyHurley, who rocked it so epically on the djembe! & I am infinitely grateful for @Kennyskitchen who captured this outpouring of love in the moment, and who has been such a miracle manifestation of support, growth and love along my path!

Soul family, We all have a unique gift in our hearts that we are here to share and bless the world with! I am here to support you in all of your hearts dreaming! Right here, right now is a new moment, so let us tune into our hearts and allow source to flow like a river so we can release all we no longer serves us! Let us remember more and more with each present moment, the beauty, blessing and joy that this life is and that we are ALL here to experience! Let us come together and celebrate this global awakening! Let us dive deeper into unconditional joy, love and alignment then ever before! I believe in us and what we are each here to accomplish, its time to thrive as the universal tribe we are all so beautifully apart of! It is such an honor to witness the beauty that YOU bring to this world, and i am just a reminder of the divine love, power and wisdom that we each uniquely and equally hold! Blessings of Bliss!


Bless Bless!


Sincerely, Wildfire

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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"

Welcome to Steemit!

Thanks so much for coming out for this month's open mic and bringing your potent sound healing!

We would love to have you back any time :-)

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Hello brooklynwildfire!

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Yooo! This was so awesome live and I'm glad it was documented so that we can relive it whenever. It was a pleasure meeting you! Mabuhay!

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Dododado u rok u roll u soft u soul u heart space jedi

Good music 😀