Just Around the Riverbend [Pocahontas] Cover

in music •  5 months ago

Hey guys!

So I was OBSESSED with this movie as a kid, and listened to the cassette tape until it didn't work anymore!

I decided to cover a couple of the songs and really hope you like it!

Hope you are all having a Superb Saturday!

xx - Beth

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you look so happy when your singing 😀

You are looking so prety and happy for your singing .
I really like your song .

Thanks for sharing @bethwheatcraft
Upvote you .

Your voice is so sweet. I enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing.

LOVE it!! I haven't heard this song in ages - but I was totally obsessed with this movie growing up too.

I love the green screen with the river in the background! It really adds a lot to the overall vibe of the video. <3

WOW, I don't bealive that it's your voice)) How long it took to develop this quality?

YES, YES and YES! @bethwheatcraft AWESOME! The kids loved this! Thank you so much!

Aah, Disney is boss! Great upload. Make sure you don't go too fast sometimes but overall I enjoyed it!