Robert Glasper - Packt like sardines in a crushd tin box (1 mic 1 take)

in #music6 years ago

This is one of the most talented guys I've seen in a long time. I enjoy listening to this masterpiece for months now, and hope to set a smile on your face too! :)
Check his other songs out too, they are all great, standing for themselves!


Thanks for sharing. Glasper is at the vanguard of jazz piano right now. I'm a pianist myself, and I have to say that it's a different (and cool) experience to play with a beat-boxer. I think all drummers should try beat-boxing; notice how connected the group is with their ideas.

Yes, definitely! Thank you for your thoughts on this :)

I LO-O-O-V-V-E his [email protected]# My favorite will always be the Black Radio Experiment. I missed a show he played here in MOntreal once, and I will never forgive myself: Rapheal Saadiq ended up being here, so did Jill Scott, and so did Talib Kweli...

Mark my words, this (the unfortunate missing of his show) will never happen again!

My favorite is Letter to Hermione... because Bowie. :p

I will mark your words, and thank you for your comment, yes he's already a legend! :)

Thanks for sharing this atmospheric musician with us :)

With pleasure! :)

nice posts my friend

Thank you! :)

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