"Payel is just so beautiful and pretty" - An original Valentine's Day piano composition

in music •  3 years ago 

Hey Steemy friends :-)

I'm trying to get some of my compositions up on steemit for comments and feedback, and especially to try to figure out which ones I should write the music down for. 

As a side question, does anyone know of good software to quickly help me produce sheet music?

I wrote this one for my partner as part of her Valentine's Day concert last year :-{P .

Much love everyone. Enjoy.

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Hi @ben.zimmerman! What a nice gift to give on Valentine's day! :-)

I'm trying to gather on Steemit a strong community of piano composers under the #pianocomposition tag.

I've put some information together on the following page about this:
#pianocomposition: A New Place for Piano Composers

I'd love to see you joining us, piano composers, into a new joined adventure in promoting our creations!


Olivier (@irelandscape)