Check out the music that I write and create to - LOVE !

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Writing for me is a love and a luxury. The extreme majority of my time is invested in the direct contact with people. I hardly have time in a day completely to myself. I love every second of connection with my daughter and husband, best friends, I am a doctor and run a healthcare centre. The blessed and small moments I spend in silence are typically invested in either working out at the gym or typing my thoughts and passions down into my computer. I love investing in my relationship with the written word and now with the blessing of Steemit, I can add images and videos to this train of creativity.
I love the sound of silence but when I write there is nothing I love more than to have music playing.
I thought to share my collection of music that brings about my inspirations.
I have a youtube channel with my best friend and you can find these collections on our site:

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Blessings to you on your Steemit journey to love, learn and leave fulfilled !
Your small town Canadian girl with a heart for the world
first photo credit to oliver fahrni

second photo credit to AJ Gallagher


as you perfectly know, music has been anchored in my heart from at least since I was born and your link reached me through the magic of our connection, Steemit and YouTube touching my heart as always ever deeply.

Wow, I just saw Moana a few weeks back and we all had beautiful tears throughout the show, but it is definitely at the end there where the truth is revealed that it saw a tidal wave of tears shedding away the old leaving space for the new in all of us...

The mixes,even accompanied by very inspiring images surely didn't hurt and reminded me of amazingly beautiful times I have had in my life around music festivals where the most beloved people of my heart used to go, dance, share, love on all levels...

So, I want to thank you for your kind and awakened sharing. Many of us could take a chill or dance music time along this post of yours.

Namaste @basicbeing

Very beautiful words, I go straight to the heart ;)

Thank you :) This music is passionate for me as well !

I lived in a city and sometimes like the sound of silence which is rare but out where there is more nature and silence, I miss the convenience of the again again. just confused.