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Dear Artzonians, welcome to @edprivat 's Wednesday's post!


You remember on Monday that we were going to the moon?
Well, 6 hours after posting, BTC and the rest of the blockchain world gave us confirmation that we indeed landed on the moon, and now ready to travel to Jupiter.
Congratulation to all, you are now officially a part of the earlier adopters, arrived at the right place at the right time...

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Nu Soul Family - Alone - Liquideep - Unplugged Cover

From a radio live performance of the Nu Soul Family, incredible! Amazing playing and amazing singing, amazing everything! Shout out for covering Liquideep who is a local band from Johannesburg, I really love what you brought, what a twist.
And the emotions... This is just mind blowing thanks so much...

Ancient World - @solarphasing

Oh My God... Talk about space voyage...There's indeed an ancient feeling to it.
If you are ready to embark on a journey, that's the track for you. 7 minutes of your life that you won't regret of spending listening to that beautiful ambient track. Perfect for meditation.

Steemit Open Mic week # 131 "Ruh Le Gaya" (cover)

Adapting a song from a sitar track is hell of a challenge! I felt really connected to the vibrations of the chords, is it DADGAD tuning? Amazing singing too, finger style playing on point, what else can I say...Real virtuoso, and the intensity varies in such beautiful manner. Thank you!!!

Inside The King's Chamber of The Great Pyramid

Alright, what is going on today? Why everyone is bringing out their best games?
So original, so different, so ambient, and surprisingly different from @stavrin usual work. You could have shredded on that using minor harmonic, but instead you were subtle, soft, and unique. And left with a question mark...

Queen- don't stop me now (electric Mandolin cover)

"Don't Stop Me Now" covered with an electric Mandolin! Yes!! You are not dreaming!!!
It won't play on Steemit, so you have to go on Youtube to listen to it. How original is that for a cover?? Then the second round of the theme is on a different octave, just to add more emphasis and it bends so well!!! Super duper awesome!! No words...

STEEMIT Open Mic Week 131-De calles y andares (Original song) by @Ylich

An original song that deserves the spotlight, the contrast between the minor chords of the verse brings gravity, and lightness to the chorus with its major chords. I encourage you to read the lyrics too, a song about mental strength and hope...

Behind the Board - Making "Dripwalk"

Enter Larri's lair, and see how he makes his beats. Is that a Koatica Eyeball on the top right? I've been trying to get one inside South Africa for a while. I had to opt for a cheaper option, I know @heaterville praises it all the time, but I know it's South Africa and anything imported disappears at custom. Longer video please!!!

Dream Theater - New Millenium Intro (Cover)

If you can play any Dream Theater's track, it's safe to say that you have reached a godlike level of music, and you will be in the Steemit Hall Of Fame one day...
The tapping on the bass made me wanna jump on my table and high five god...
Featuring Mike Portnoy. OMFG!!!! Who Are You???

Thanks for reading/listening/watching!! Don't forget to support the artists featured in this post!

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Just WOW!!

I am speechless 🤐 Its an honour to make part of this selection with so many great artists and talented members of the steemit community . Thank you so much for making this amazing work and a special thanks to @edprivat for all the great work and amazing talent he brings to the Steemit family!!
One love to you guys @artzone rocks!!

NSF is the BOMB!
Please keep posting on #artzone, we can get some HEAT going soon enuf...

very happy to be part of your selection, I congratulate you for your great work every day to support and boost the talent of this community, (which is a lot), only in this publication, I had the opportunity to appreciate some works of excellent musicians and really they are incredible!!!, to all of you congratulations keep it like this!, @Edprivat, @artzone, a big hug!

Classic curation dude. I can’t even access dsound and I’ll still stop by because of your excitement. Good job, Ed.

Thank you for selecting me to this company of artists! Also thank you for your kind words about my song. And yes it is DADGAD, my favoured tuning.

So many great artists here... World Class music.
Thanks for using the #artzone tag, WE GOT YOUR BACK!

MULA token will be a HIT! Upvote bot coming soon:


Thanks mate! It's a honor to be part of such great selection! This makes me really happy.

It's great to know that the chord change made you feel the way you told, exactly what I wanted. Nice description: " a song about mental strength and hope..." 👍

Thank you so much for the feat on your fantastic music art selection! :0)
#Gratitude & #Love

It's always a good opportunity to discover new great artists too.

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