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Dear friends, ladies and gents.

It's @edprivat!!

We at @artzone truly care about your talent, thanks for choosing our tag, and to make the blockchain better with your incredible art.
Today once again we discover true gems, so don't miss out on our episode, and maybe go give them an upvote if you can!

All artists will receive an upvote from @edprivat, @artzone and @artzone.curators!

Join us to party on Saturday on our Discord channel!!

The Golden Path: Calming/Relaxing Fairy song Music and Video


We are truly blessed to have @yidneth tagging her work with @artzone today, she is the most unique and talented artist on Steemit, and she is a delightful person to be around, I had the chance to spend some times with her and @hedac her husband, and they are both amazing human beings. A beautiful video, linked with a great text about forest bathing, something that I do myself everyday :)

Aleister | Serie M Mirrors - Music Production

The bass caught my attention, and I stayed for the rest of the track! Really groovy pattern, with the spooky additional sounds. I really love the sound of Reason, it has its own style, and @aleister uses the DAW to perfection.

The journey - Waiting for the summer Lo-fi vibes — Chapter 40

Every time @elbrujo drops a new sound, I am just blown away. It's always mature, well polished, and groovy, in a way that just want to make you wanna sing, dance and bob your head. It has that 90's quality, we don't do good sampled tracks like that anymore.

Vos estás mirando - tema original de y por @olvidesantelmo

This way of filming quartet has been popularized by CUPS(check it out on youtube), and it's just bring a totally new dynamics to how we perceive a quartet.
This is really fantastic playing (not live? but who cares anyway it's great), and the concept is equally as strong. Just wow!! No word!

Demos for Days 73 | Room 128 Rio

Energetic, powerful and really different type of chopping and sampling the track, congratulation! Of course I would have loved it a little bit longer, but sometimes quality is better than quantity.

Classical-Music Curation (4th April 2019)

We are @artzone support artzonians, but we support great curators too, and I have to admit, I am always in owe to the work of @classical-radio. The work of the curators on the platform is equally important as the one of the artists, so thanks for your contribution for your contribution to this amazing blockchain by finding those gems...

Morí - Tranzas (Cover) [Eng. Sub]

It was magical, I am so not familiar with the original, but who care, I love this version, again @elisonr13's talent just transpire here, and great guitar playing too! Thanks for the subtitles as well...

Thanks for reading/listening/watching!! Don't forget to support the artists featured in this post!

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ohh @elisonr13 is here good job brother
and nice songs Arizonians
I hope to see you tomorrow at our show at night at the Artzone discord!

Yea!! The show is on tomorrow!

For my taste and honor I am here. Very grateful, greetings, city.

pleasure my friend

Cool Project! Will give you guys my follow and support even if its just a few upvotes. But i guess every little bit counts. ;)

Im not sure if my music is worth being featured in your channel
but here is one of my recent tracks if you want to listen:

Pleasure !You need to first, follow artzone then use the artzone tag every time you post new art :)

Thank you. I joined your discord and will use the tag for my next art Post.^^

Fantastic! Thanks and I look forward to see your work!

I'm so humbled for your words Ed! Thanks for giving me a spot of the curation, bless you!

Our pleasure! Such a great track buddy!

Thank you so much, it´s exciting to see my sound being featured among such amazing musicians.
Congrats for the project and thank you for the support and incentive.

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