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Between Monday and Thursday I’m spending about an hour each morning curating articles tagged #artzone. I’m looking for original, quality content, checking the authors’ history, etc. And reputations, too, I’m always looking for undiscovered talent and I’ll try not to show you something you’ve already seen.

Here’s some articles I really liked this week—help me out! Show these authors some support with an Upvote.

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Drawing "Madonna" in black pen. by @betzaelcorvo. It’s Madonna, there’s progress pictures and the whole thing is done in a black, ball-point pen—very impressive! Check it out:

Alla prima portrait demo by @arthurgain. The artist recorded the 2n1/2 hour oil painting, on linen, then time lapsed the video down to one minute onto @dtube—great piece!! Check it out:

Chubby Checker [with process] by @alexkopareiko. Welcome to #steemit, alexkopareiko! This artist introduced himself to the platform less than two weeks ago and has been transferring images from his computer screen to paper, daily, ever since—show him some love! Check it out:

New Tree: Introducing Japanese Black Pine [Bonsai] by @creativetruth. The author is highly knowledgeable in pine trees and shares it all while taking the term ‘step by step’ to a whole new level—very informative! Check it out:

Under Water Series Charcoal Continued by @aliciasteyn. This author has such a colorful blog, please go show her some support. I know what it’s like trying to make corrections without any kind of formal art training—this is her very first attempt at using charcoal as a medium! Check it out:

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Such amazing talent

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Thanks buddy!

excellent publications, I liked them all, it is a great honor to be in this group, greetings and thank you very much

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

You’re very welcome @betzaelcorvo. Thank you for making your way around the platform and acknowledging the other #artzone artists mentioned in this feature. That’s what this platform is all about! 👍🏿

This is really cool , thank you so much for the support. Im glad someone can relate! The nice thing about art and not being formally trained is, you can have a little more fun with it rather than constantly thinking about the technical aspects of it.

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Thanks again for using @artzone to tag your work, I was just saying good things about your drawing to @dandays, great job!


You guys are too kind 😍

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What a great curation! Well done @dandays

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

So, the leap you took wasn’t that bad of an idea, eh? Ha! Nice dude, I’m glad you like it. I’m not gonna lie, I’m thoroughly enjoying the art of curating—thanks for noticing, @edprivat. Thank you for the opportunity. Wait’ll you see my #artzone curation where I go off about Mula.

Steemauto wasn’t firing yesterday, I had to adjust my account to make sure I got a vote in on the people my autofire missed. 👍🏿