Drawing "Madonna" in black pen.

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Hello friends of "STEEMIT" a big greeting to the community of artists of "TOPAZ", today I present this visual artistic work, made in the technique of the black ballpoint, on a smooth cardboard surface, with dimensions of 33 cm by 25 cm , on this special occasion, I play the pop queen "Madonna", one of the most successful singer in the history of music, with countless successes that have remained, from the 80's to our days, always considering herself as one of the best exponents in his musical genre.


Image reference.


Step 1 y 2.

We made our sketch with the graphite pencil with the code "HB-2", we proceed to give the first ones capable of pen ink very gently.

Step 3 y 4.

When we work with black ink ballpoint pen, the marking is very strong, to texturize the tones we must have a lot of subtlety in the strokes, it is very similar to the technique of the "pointillist", but in this case it is with very thin small stripes.

Step 5.

In this process we are going to texturize the skin, with stripes that go in a uniform direction very smoothly, until making an outline on the face, it is important to check our progress of the symmetry of the face with respect to its position, the position of the eyes, nose and mouth, check that everything is well proportioned.


it was a great pleasure to share this artistic work, wishing all of you many successes in your publications and as always I say goodbye with this thought.

"There is no expiration date for creativity."




Great portrait!

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thank you friend, good news, great support, regards.

Hermoso y original trabajo, realmente espléndido.

gracias amiga, por tu comentario tan positivo, el arte es lo máximo, saludos

Stunning. I love your work, my fellow artist.

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thank you friends, it is a joy to know that I am in the art magazine, an important support for art in this community, a wonderful project, greetings.

te quedo muy bonita, me encanta maddona. buen trabajo @betzaelcorvo

gracias por tu apoyo importante saludos y éxitos.

Nice work. Love the quote! @jakeknee fellow artists unite and support each other in their journey!!!

thank you friend a great pleasure to have your positive message, greetings and success.

Stunning. I love your work, my fellow artist.

Thank you friend, it is a pleasure to see your message of support, greetings and I wish you success.

Pure talent you have - gifted, and Madonna looks more beautiful and sexy in your drawing of her mate, thank you so very much for you and all talented artists for sharing your gifts with us all.

glad to see your positive message, thank you friend.

Pana capturaste a esa mujer. La hiciste tuya.
Que bárbaro!

gracias amigo juan saludos.

Amazing work as always! :)

thank you, great pleasure to see your message, greetings and success.

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