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Many things caused me to stop songwriting in 2011-2012. One was that I began getting excruciatingly self conscious when I played in public. I worried about mistakes so, of course, made more as a result. I was so far in the hole of my conditioning that I only saw what I did wrong and not what I did great. This put a huge black cloud and block on the pleasure I felt using this as a creative outlet.

The second reason was that I was a single mother and had bought a house so no longer had a live in babysitter in the form of my parents. Hard to go play music when you can't leave the house because your children need a sensible bedtime routine.

The third reason was that I didn't want people to know what I was thinking anymore. I'd gone through a breakup that I frankly couldn't get over but still forced myself to move on. I didn't want to expose any of the lingering feelings so I bottled them.

Now, I have a new passion which is dream interpretation so my life does not lack meaning and fulfillment. I still have young children which makes playing in public pretty difficult so even if I wanted to, I feel that picking music back up would be a challenge.

So I decided to put my songs on D.Tube.

I've never properly recorded anything so putting it here helps me save it forever.

This first song is called "Turtledove". I wrote it after a relationship ended and I was frustrated with the charming qualities my partner had wooed me with in contrast to the disappointing reality of the actual relationship. We all have faults and certainly I'm not giving my power by blaming him alone for our demise. But it's my song and I can focus on any one subject I please.

Hope you enjoy! :)


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YES!! I love this song!

Thanks!!! :)

awesome your first video.
i like this song.
carry on.

Nice song @aprilangel, I really like the lyrics. You're way better than me and I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to play at night with a baby in the house haha

Thank you!!! Always nice when someone can relate! :)

wonderful your DTube video.
fantastic your song i like it.
thanks for sharing

Thank you!!!

Thank you!

Beautiful voice, 👏🏻

THANK you!! :)

I am speechless, you sing really well and your voice have that feeling, so never think about others, means what they will think and all, you do what you want because that will give you the real strength and if music is your passion so always hold the hands of music then music will pull you out of your bad times. Wishing the great days ahead to you and your family. Thanks for sharing this amazing talent with us.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

Thank you!!!!

Welcome. 🙂

I suck at love too. So this song hit home 4 me. Great job @aprilangel. I heard many voices from my past telling me what a disappointment I turned out 2 b. Great Song!

Oh honey, those voices from your past need to shut it. Everyone gets disappointed in love sometime or another but don't let them convince you that you are a disappointment. The only thing that really makes ANYONE 'suck at love' is just a fear of being open and vulnerable due to their own hurts from the past (most often these come from our first loves, our parents). There are a lot of hurting people out there trying their hardest to love and be loved. Every single person is worthy of it and great at it. We just get blocked up by our fear of being open and showing ourselves authentically because we have been judged, abandoned or rejected in the past. When we stop judging, abandoning and rejecting OURSELVES then we lose the fear of being open to others.

I'm all good. They are all good. It's just there are times when that conversation didn't take place and thus the importance of your song which helps heal. ;9)

you may want put "openmic" as your first tag. Although I'm not sure if dtube will let you do that. You can use the youtube and it will. I'm not sure of your situation. Anyway best 2 ya.

Thank you for the tip!

Cracking tune! More please 💯🐒

Thank you!! I love 'cracking'!! :)

The only word 💯🐒

Great song April angel! 👏👏👏

Thank you @verbaldancing!! Nice name :)

It’s the name of my book, I decided to keep it 😁

Wow magical song i adore it my dear great job 😍😍

Thank you so much!!!

Primer video con una hermosa canción, me gusta tu voz, empiezas muy bien en Steemit! Éxitos.

Gracias!!!! Me gusta tu comment mucho. :)