Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet (2007)

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Hello friends! lately I have presented a lot of problems to be able to publish in steemit, and continue in the world of cryptocurrencies. Problems caused by the situation in my country, such as the serious electrical failures that occurred last week, the bad connection to the internet, the increase in the cost of the internet, among many depressing obstacles. All this has led me to fall behind in my work. I have in mind to evolve my publications, which I consider somewhat monotonous, despite various musical recommendations to the community. I hope my situation is fixed, to be able to contribute good music again and also, I want to continue my studies in cryptocurrencies, to soon publish some post about some cryptocurrencies and some technical analysis, which I hope will be quite useful for the community. In addition to recommend some pages to earn cryptocurrencies (At the end of the publication I leave some links) For now enjoy this progressive jewel, which had saved for you. I hope you like it.


Let's go straight to this album, another wonder of Porcupine Tree, which I consider to be the best progressive rock band in the last decades. A band that managed to keep this good genre afloat. On this occasion I present the ninth album of his discography. It is one of the last albums before its dissolution, and yet this album fully demonstrates the musical potential of Porcupine Tree and the innovative ideas contributed by its leader Steven Wilson. In this work, we observe how, despite the years, porcupine impresses us with its original style, good music, an incredible progressive rock, which has characteristics faithful to the progressive of the 70's and 80's, besides intelligently incorporating elements of the current rock and even some touches of heavy metal.

Fear of a Blank Planet

Album Cover

Band: Porcupine Tree
Album: Fear of a Blank Planet
Year: 2007
Genre: Progressive Rock
Country United Kingdom

1. This album starts with a homonymous piece "Fear of a Blank Planet", an impressive piece, with a very dark theme, and strong criticism of the current youth. The voice is bright, it sounds calm except for a melodic chorus. The instrumentation is quite dynamic, something intense in some passages, with enough distorted riffs that give us strong moments, the drums stand out quite in the background. After 5 minutes we have a progression demonstration, which extends to the end. An incredible start

2. Then continue "My Ashes", A calmer theme than the previous one, where is the acoustic guitar together with a greater presence of the keyboard, which guide us in very calm and melancholic passages, thus composing a kind of ballad. That at times has some echoes, which remind us of Led Zeppelin. The voice of Steven Wilson, as particular as ever, gives it that melodic touch, which perfectly enriches this acoustic ballad. It is another critical issue, which leaves us a critique of parents who do not pay attention to their children.

Fear of a Blank Planet

3. This is without a doubt, one of the best songs of Porcupine Tree, in all his discography, called "Anesthetize", a great composition of progressive rock of more than 17 minutes. Where Porcupine delights us with an impressive musical variety, demonstrating in every second all its musical repertoire, without hesitation, without boredom, not for a second. It is difficult to review this impressive composition, full of many elements, we can summarize: the progression is undoubtedly of high quality, this piece includes the presence of Alex Lifeson (Rush) on the guitar, orchestral passages, psychedelic passages, instrumental passages, metal passages , some amazing drums and that show us Harrison is one of the best drummers of the time. A keyboard that supports at all times, enriching the background at all times. And some fascinating choirs, accompanied by the best voice of Steven Wilson. I fall short with this review, it is difficult to define a topic of such high quality and complexity, I would take a publication, just for it. I invite you to give a huge opportunity to these beautiful 18 minutes.

4. After a majestic composition, "Sentimental" it is a song that as its name describes it, it is loaded enough with them, many emotions and melody. Instrumentally, it is easier, guided by a beautiful keyboard, which makes a background with some electronic elements, and the incredible voice of Steven Wilson, which leaves us a beautiful refrain, that we will not forget. Another simple theme, but beautiful, quite calm, melody and refelection.

Anesthetize (Live)

5. We continue with "Way Out of Here", It has a very environmental beginning, that little by little advances, for minute 2 "explode", in a pleasant way, with a strong rhythm but at the same time relaxing. It has a very catchy chorus, and it entertains a lot, then submerges in relaxing atmospheres. It should be noted a very important collaboration in this song, and is the incredible Robert Fripp (King Crimson), which delights us with a good solo, which conveys a lot of feeling.

6. Finally we have "Sleep Together",, a very psychedelic ending, and with a somewhat unusual atmosphere of the band, since it has some "industrial" sounds, which fit in a good way in the sound of the song , which develops mainly in psychedelic keyboards, which support the remarkable voice of Wilson. It has a very catchy chorus. In spite of it, it is the song that I like least of the disc.

Way Out of Here

In conclusion, this band surprises me. That's why it will never stop being one of my favorites, and one of the best in progressive rock. Porcupine demonstrated with this album, that in spite of the years, never left its roots and always maintained its musical quality until the end. Leaving us wonderful works over the years. This album is one of them, that despite having few songs, it does not fall short, and shows great potential. A very loaded album of psychedelia, progression and some elements of the metal, like distorted riffs and very dynamic drums. The strong point of this album, is undoubtedly "Anesthetize", innovative and historical piece of the band.

Fear of a Blank Planet by Porcupine Tree - (Full Album)




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