The song, Blessings on Me.

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Blessings on me has been on repeat since I downloaded it this morning. Today wasnt my first time of hearing it but it kinda meant more, I even went ahead to watch the video.
It's not like I support the fact that it portrayed the character's father as a bad father but it reminded me of some of the sacrifices my mum has made for me.

I am kind of used to being aware from home since I attended a boarding secondary school in Uyo while my family was in lag. Mum would call my class teachers atleast four times a week to talk to me. When I finally got to the University where there were no phone restrictions, she calls almost everyday up till today. Any day she doesnt call, it's probably because she thought she had called.

Blessings on me by Reekado Banks chorus got me today. Lemme share it with you.


Father Father, I Want To, Want To, Hammer Hammer
I Want To Spoil My Mother Mother
I Want To, Want To ,Shower Your Blessings, Shower Your Blessings (Priceton on the beat)
Father Father, Want To, Want To, Hammer Hammer
I Want To, Spoil My Mother Mother (Ah Reeky baby)
I Want To, Want To, Shower Your Blessings, Shower Your Blessings


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Wow my song too

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