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As I've already mentioned, the last two days I spent at the UP TO DATE Festival held in my city (Up2d8 / UTDF) 2018, and earlier for several months I accompanied the wonderful team that formed it during some preparatory works. And they had many to do - promoting events in various major Polish cities. New soundsystem Pozdro Techno πŸŽΆπŸ“’ This year, 4 scenes and 52 artists were waiting for everyone. For this add gastro zone, shops, leisure zone, cinema and other attractions. Great action "Send a postcard to Grandma." The atmosphere itself was also amazing - thousands of smiling, kind people connected by music ❀ It was beautiful, I recommend this experience to everyone. And for the team I have only words of respect!

Who ever heard of UTDF? βœ… Maybe someone of you were here (not necessarily this year)? βœ…
I invite everyone on behalf of the Organizers for the next year. Knowing this team, it will be even better! And from that I know the festival from the first edition, believe me that I know what I am saying πŸ”πŸ†’πŸ‘

I attach my mini photo report from this "festival" po for better photos and more information, I am sending you to the official UTDF website www.uptodate.pl


Peace Love Unity Respect

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