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A little duo that I was in a few years back (Monster Guitars - Mark Easton and Adam Hole), playing my version of the Jimi Hendrix song 'Voodoo Child" on the lap steel guitar

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Really amazing guitar playing. :) I watched that all the way through. We don't see guitars like those here in the Philippines. I haven't anyway. Is that slide guitar more difficult to master than a standard electric guitar?

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Excellent work!

Thanks Tom


Ahha Again My ears are happy.

Sounds great @adamhole, that odd looking slide guitar has a good vibe to it..
First time I have ever seen a capo used on a bass guitar though..Far out !!

Yeah it's a strange looking guitar but I love playing it, yeah a bass player that's more of a guitarist lol

Here's a little blues gem I found while on a hunt for some food for my ears..

Popa Chubby - Stoop Down Baby - Germany 1997

(posted by GCRDBlues53 on YT)

Now that is one tasty guitar playing, very awesome indeed 👍🏻

When I first heard Popa Chubby, I was hooked..I went on a hunt to find all his stuff..
I can hear sounds within sounds from the layers of emotional energy he puts out..
He will rip into some tunes, & I just say to myself, WOW!! What was that??
Then when I'm recovering from that head spin, he'll hit ya with another punch..
That is one big reason that I like the live stuff more than the studio stuff..WooHoo!!

You nailed it on the head, yeah I love the live stuff too, it expresses way much more than any studio recording 👍🏻

This is awesome :)

Thank you

Nice job! Interesting interpretation of voodoo Chile (slight return) on the lap steel.

Thanks, yeah I thought I'd do it a little differently away from the norm.

epic stuff man ... hope one day i can watch you jam live !

Cheers mate

Hello my friend
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This is incredible, you're an amazing guitarist! I'm totally fan! I love the sound of your lap steel guitar's play.

Thanks mate

Great, you have a lot of talent. I just love it !

Thank you

You should keep posting more videos. Followed.

I will indeed 👍🏻

You are a master on the lap steel guitar, and your singing knocks me out! Well done. I will follow your posts.

Wery good

talented.. great , followed

Sounds great. That cat you're playin' with is crazy amazing working the drums and playin' that big ole' axe at the same time. Damn talent there!

Yeah he's definitely got some talent

Amazing guitar play adam .... you are a wizard... love your version... Cheers!!!

wow man that is off the hook!!!

You just made my day awesome . And rhythm in guiter is simply speechless

wow, Hulk Hogan !

Good job, keep it up

I was never a big fan of the song but they sure know how to rock! :D

Holy damn!! that's some nice playing on the lap guitar. You are really inspiring :)

Amazing talent! Thank you for sharing this with us.
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Simply amazing...I loved Jimmi Hendrix
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following and upvoting your content (Y) its gud

Some good therapy for my ears

wow good~~~~~

Such amazing people are also here on steemit, lovely dear. Happy to follow you. Keep entertaining us.

Amazing !!!

Oh Wow! Man. What a great interpretation. Most definitely followed, resteemed and upvoted