Written in Ireland, recorded in Johannesburg - made possible by Steemit and Dsound!!

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So, I was browsing around on Steemit 2 weeks ago. I was about to go to bed, and then i happened upon a post by @edprivat.

He was doing a song contest, where people were asked to write a short song of 2 verses and a chorus, and drop it in the comments section. I thought to myself, why not! I'll give it a go. So, I stayed up a little bit later than usual, and wrote my first ever song! I love music, and I can play 8 or 10 chords on the guitar, but I certainly cant sing..

I'm not really sure what got me thinking about a homeless man, but that's who I ended up writing the song about. Have a listen and let me know what you think, and if you like it, maybe even give it a little resteem for us :o)

Man With No Home


[Verse 1]
So desolate, so down
When he looks the people flee,
Sits all alone in his hometown,
He's a patriot you see,
This man is just like you and me,
But with no family around,
No dignity is found,

He's a lost soul on the road to nowhere,
Switch the penny for the pound,
Trodden dreams upon the ground,
He's a lost soul on the road to nowhere.
Just a lost soul on the road to nowhere.

[Verse 2]
This man fought bravely for his flag,
His shoes with holes upon the floor,
Them dirty clothes are made of rag,
To die in war's considered valour,
Not this traffic and its clamour,
Not indignity's cold quiver,
As he poisons his own liver.

He's a lost soul on the road to nowhere,
Switch the penny for the pound,
Trodden dreams upon the ground,
He's a lost soul on the road to nowhere.
Just a lost soul on the road to nowhere.


@edprivat does a really cool video showing us how he produced the song also, which can be found here and his Steemit post about the song can be found here

So there you have it, my first ever song written in Dublin, performed brilliantly by @edprivat in Johannesburg and made possible by Steemit!!

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Thanks a million @theleapingkoala You guys should all check out his contests, it is a great place to connect with people.

Thanks for the shout out! That's the beauty of steemit, we can combine our skills with no limitation. You are so talented my friend! I look forward to read you more! Keep up the great work!

No worries @edprivat and thanks for the kind words. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your music.

Man with no home
The lyrics are nice @edprivat @ablaze
If its your first song ever written, then you are going somewhere. With the little i have i upvoted and resteemed. I'll be waiting to read more.
Keep it up

Thanks very much @danielcares and thank you for the resteem as well

@ablaze and @edprivat, that was powerful indeed. The lyrics are universal - so many people fought for what they believed in, only to be forgotten after they have risked their lives for others. I want to hear you perform live, @edprivat!

Thanks for stopping by @minnaloushe and for the great comment, I'm so glad that you drew your own meaning from the lyrics. I too hope to see @edprivat live in concert some day. You have the advantage of being in the same country though, I've a little further to come :o)

What an amazing piece, I'm very impressed. Stronger words were never spoken. Great job.

Thanks so much for the kind words @wonderwop It really means a lot, and thanks for the resteem too, really nice of you to support us like that.


Hooray for music! Tip!

Thanks man, much appreciated

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