I made a music video called BUNNY and used Fiverr, Fruity Loops and DaVinci Resolve to create it

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Hello friends!

So I had some free time and I played with a program called fruity loops and I created a beat ...called BUNNY

After I created the song I was thinking why not put it on a cloud platform ...maybe someone will like it or take the song and improve it ...and so I took the song and went on intermediary platform called -distrokid-
Now distrokid is a platform that takes your music and adds it to other music platform on the web like : spotify, google play, deezer, tidal and many many more.
If you are a young or old artist that create music and you do not have a record deal you can just put your music there and distrokid will spread it to the cloud space.
Now you don't have to be an artist ...like me for example...I am just a regular guy that creates stuff, I am not a musician and I do not even know how to play music I just like from time to time to play with fruity loops and make some sounds and put them in a loop ...sometimes I add some text sometimes I put some electronic music or wave and mix the sound.
But over time I made many creations that did not see the light or the spotlight and so I decided to renew my sounds mix them more and add some animation , put them on distrokid and then on YouTube and of course here on Steemit.
Now for animation I was thinking:
Hmm... I tried to draw in the past...but I need more practice...:


Don't get me wrong actually I am proud of my previous work also I put some rhymes here and there and created something cool.
But I wanted for my small beat a moving animation...and I did not know how to do this or even tried in the past...
And so I went to fiverr, drank a small coffee and found one artist called pro_animators1 that for a small fee made a short animation under 3 hours.
It was a great service and I am very happy about the outcome. After that I took the animation and made some video editing with davinci resolve and thus a video was born.
If you do not know what fiverr is ... it is a platform where you can hire a person to do a job from music to animation to dancing or even youtube videos .
After the job you can rate them and even use their services again.

Here is the link to the site:


If you want to know more about fruity loops or simply a very basic guide for it you can check my previous posts on the subject:

Note: at 17:35 is the bread and butter about fruity loops
Sorry for the strange audio...it was an old video of mine but still good .

If you have some music of your own and want to use distrokid you can use this code and get 7% discount :



If you liked my short song you can have it from here:



Google play






I just released the song yesterday so many more platforms will add it soon.
If you want you can take the beat and improve it, that will be amazing.

I wrote a poem book too...if you want to check it out...

Forgotten roots image steemit.jpg

Here is the link for the book


Well that was it for today I am Cynetyc and I thank you for reading my small article!

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Hi @cynetyc, the rabbit was so calm until the tiger appears, maybe the tiger just wanted to say hello, ha ha ha, but I love it when he turns around and starts running, very good video and music very consistent with the animation

Thank you @martha75!
When I created the beat I new it was something about running, then I tough actually of a movie called Donnie Darko and the "rabbit" character but I did not want to be a dark video for the moment it was only a introduction . I plan to extend the story in the future.

Hi @cynetyc, this great, maybe you are not a professional as you say but to create something like this you need ingenuity and dedication, I congratulate you.

Thank you very much @jexus77!

Hello @cynetyc, excellent video, something that helps us improve this kind of work is to look at it several times and compare it with others.

Thank you very much @tiababi for appreciating my work!

Greetings friend @cynetyc, the practice makes the teacher and if you plan to learn more about the subject, you've already started and that's the hardest, happy afternoon.

Cool video :)

Hola @cynetyc esta genial me gustó mucho, eso me recordó que quiero aprender a trabajar con vídeos, feliz tarde…

Hello @cynetyc this great I liked very much, that reminded me that I want to learn to work with videos, happy afternoon...

Thank you very much @elmundodexao!

Nice animation! It will be good if trees moved to. But you rabbit very nice))

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It is just the beginning I was helped with the animation and as I do it I learn more...soon I will be able to make more animation videos.

I became interested in your animation, because I myself was engaged in this. Yesterday we released the first series of our cartoon! The girl and I did it with plasticine and taking each shot.

You can see if interested: https://steemit.com/dtube/@gulia.peito/q03h0p82jos

Hello @cynetyc I think you managed to give the message, this quality, thank you for sharing...

Thank you very much @leynedayana!

Amazing music videos and very fun to enjoy. Really appreciate your creative work, my friend.

Thank you very much @seha76!

Good animation i liked the music so intense, this video reminds me the videogames of 1998 when i was a kid it's so similarn maybe this video can be used by duracell in their next ad hehehe. Regards

O yeah that is a good idea ha ha !

Very cool song and a nice animation , this is my first time if hearing about distrokid . Maybe I will use this platform to spread my work as well @cynetyc

I 100% recommend distrokid, this platform has and excellent service and very fast too.

I think there will be many people who love it.

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Thanks @elove888 I hope that too.
I create many things and I want to see what is good for the public and in the same time from the artistic point of view I will create also what makes me happy.

Very good video and music @cynetyc I love it!

Long time no see you my friend. Now you come with amazing music and videos on the sidelines of your busy life.

I try to keep my self active and I continue to try new stuff, also I had tons of fun.

Very cool video @cynetyc, I love the bunny hopping.

Thank you very much @fevronia!

You are a very versatile person, and you have a great imagination. A cool song. Super :)

Thank you very much @magnata!

Beautiful music video. Love Bunny running, amazing animation. Really I appreciate your great creativity.

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Thank you @msena !
I will continue to improve my creations ...more and more.

Nice song and animation too! I had fun

Thank you very much @chrstnv!

Very good idea and video @cynetyc, animations always have a place on YouTube and actually on any platform.

Thank you very much @xardas!

Great video you shared it was so nice to watch cool work

Thank you very much @blazing!

Well done @cynetyc I love it!

I listen this music video.this is really good .and good animation also🙋🙋🙋.keep it up and better luck for next time

Amigo @cynetyc creativity is a gift you were born with, now you just have to work it, congratulations, happy afternoon...