Psychedelic Mushroom: Cubensis Penis Envy

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I have been having this habit where i buy a mushroom growkit every couple of years.

Today I will eat this Cubensis PE and meditate in silent darkness.

This will probably be my last time ever doing this stuff. life just hasn't been the same after i survived the hantavirus last januari.

The magical substance called Psilocybin has certainly helped me get out of dark times in the past and gave me a different view on life. i'm happy for the experience this wonderful substance has given me.

after a session it almost always feels like i have upgraded my operating system thanks to the insights brought by the shroom.

if you want to learn about psylocybin i'll be happy to direct you to it's wiki:

Table of naturally occurring tryptamines:

Tryptamines as Ligands and Modulators of the Serotonin 5‑HT2A Receptor and the Isolation of Aeruginascin from the Hallucinogenic Mushroom Inocybe aeruginascens:

i will leave you with this fun talk by terence mckenna:


Hi.. I use marijuana to meditate... I have never used mushrooms and so wanna maybe try it. I have looked around but am truly clueless as to what shroom i am looking for. I have researched the net as i live in South Africa and have no idea what a psychedelic one looks like. But thanks for sharing.. Maybe share a post on the effects and the insights you get about life... would love to hear them.

Wow, that's a big magic mushroom! You're going to eat that entire thing in one evening?

ate ~45grams of fresh shroom, that would account for ~4,5 of dried shroom. i count dosage x10 when eating fresh.

I legit thought it was a penis in the thumbnail lol

Hahah, Its been a while I havent touched Psychedelics,Great post! keep it goin!btw i have attempted a new post which is about my beautiful country, hope you enjoy it, do leave an upvote!

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