Arhats in the Enlightenment

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There was a group of arhats at the last part of the window.
All of arhats smiled slightly.
Why they displayed this group of arhats at last next to the group of arhats with despair and pain.

In my guess, the curators wanted to show the enlightenment could be attained after the process of the despair and the pain.

Arhats was not laughing loudly but smiled slightly.
In Korean saying, you don’t express your nice feelings loudly to preserve the pleasure as long as possible.

In my guess, the facial expressions of arhats seemed to tell they finally got arrived at the eternal peace and pleasure.

That must be the reason why they displayed those arhats at last.





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In my guess, the facial expressions of arhats seemed to tell they finally got arrived at the eternal peace and pleasure

I totally agree with you on this. Illustratively, the facial expression could easily tell the kinda death a corpse had experienced. Thanks for sharing old friend

@slowwalker, Arhats sacrificed lot of things their life for take enlightenment. So no wonder previously show arhats with despair and pain. Finally Arhats could be smile with finished their pain. Buddhism know how difficult to get enlightenment. They only want to smile slightly because they removed every passions of human's life. So my guess is curator's nicely arranged exhibition.

Great Post

You have worked hard to get these photos. Your effort to create beautiful Arhat's picture must be appreciated.
to achieve the enlightenment of Arhat has been through suffering, and the sacrifice which caused it to put his affections on him. Everything he experienced was accepted with a sense of devotion so he would no longer be suffering when he was overwhelmed and would not be happy when he was happy. All he'll face with a smile. A deeply ingrained smile.

At the end of the comment i add these words. i hope you accept it.

travel-time wheels deliver life
delivering maturity as you dive
deeper you will find greater pressure
self control makes you sure

to perfection with all suffering
diligently walked without complaining
face with a smile
though sometimes pale

do not let people know there is a torture
submit to the forces of nature
do not let people know you're grieving
give beauty, not mourning

Thank you @slowwalker
Warm regard from Indonesia

It's another day, a beautiful day and no boredom with steemit..... Always keeping it real right here.

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I always see something new with each picture of the Arhats......@slowwalker and everything is so Interesting.........

After seeing so many different expression this is really the one that say, I am there, I am at peace with my inner world and sole. I would call it satisfaction and internal harmony. It was a good idea of the organizer to place them at the end of exhibition. Nice and extraordinary exhibition :)