1000Hands Merciful Goddess in the Exhibition

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Goryeo was a country of Buddhism.
She was founded on the basis of Buddhist belief.

So I could see many Buddha sculptures there, among them I’d like to show the 1000 hands merciful goddess of Buddhism
Actually it is said that the merciful goddess was a man, but for showing his mercy to ordinary people, he appeared as a women.

It was not a big sculpture, but the description of hands were so vivid.
It seemed that each hand had its own specific meaning.
In my guess, each hand postures had its meaning.
The way express the meaning with the hands was Indians method to tell something without the direct conversation.







Even though some of hands were destroyed, it was really nice to see its characteristics of the sculpture.


Yeah this sculpture looks like sculptures of Hinduism Gods. Like you said each hand postures had its meaning . I totally agree with that and I think the craftsman of this sculpture had an impressive knowledge about those signs, otherwise it's hard to bring all into a single craft work! Great photography and this is the 1st time I have see 100 of signs in a single sculpture as well!


Really I am Impressed to see your share post.Really good and wonderful photography

Before going to the spirituality of the merciful goddess I must commend the artistry behind such sculpture. The sight of it is impressive and it displays the beauty of ancient artistry. Thanks for sharing with us another experience of yours and great photographs in between

Thus the serval hands help everyone
Every postures have many solutions for all
It is up to us how we consider

the sitting Buddha (on a lotus) symbolizes the symbol he is in the holy life, because the living lotus in the pond is muddy but the flowers are not touched by dirt. when I saw his hand showing a circular motion in my opinion it showed that the Buddha always worked for all the people. All responsibilities do something whether they hold objects or not. The objects held have their own symbols. There are books that can be interpreted by science, wheels, rope knots and sharing objects, both profane and pseudo-sacred, showing that everything that is done by the Buddha is intended to bring happiness to all beings.
Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring post.
Warm regard from Indonesia

@slowwalker, these merciful goddess really impressive to see. Such a tremendous creativity of Goryeo dynasty. Brilliant photo shots taken from various angles.

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The ancient history is so amazing and interesting! My self I’m in India at the moment studying to become a Yoga teacher! And my favorite class is Philosophy! Because he tells us so interesting things about the ancient history and religion! It’s just really my favorite class at the moment!

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