Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Part 8 (↻100%)

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I'm going to red color to blue color. The blue color is also great!

Old Mercedes have their own unique charm.

On the photo below Mercedes-Benz 220S Cabrio. 1957 year of production.






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To be continued.


Mercedes are actually the evolution of automobiles.

omg, they are incredible!!


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Thank You! ⚜

Thank you for the interesting post!

wow!wonderful cars. thanks @alexko-steemit

a very unique and antique car in my opinion
if the car was in my country I would take pictures with him.
I am also a car lover.
but I do not have the money to buy a car hopefully my future is no money and want to own a car.

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Nice post...i have seen your post follow and upvote u...........
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These cars are bonerifick!!

Nice post...i have seen your post follow and upvote u...........
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Suitable for my eco-friendly village road

Nice. Is it allowed to wit in cars or they are for view only? :D

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a very interesting post. classic car is very valuable for the demand. I am one of the classic car enthusiasts. Mercedes is a classic car that is very elegant

Blue is always a good choise.The cars are amazing.

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wonderful museum

Nice post...i have seen your post follow and upvote u...........
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Que nota esta presentación de carros y la moto espectacular.
De todos es que más me ha gustado es el Mercedes 220S Cabriolet del año 1951.
Con un motor de 2,2litros de recta de seis en línea. Alcanza una velocidad de 160 km/H.
Es una nota.

nice post follow me @akibrahat

I'd love to drive the second car, she's beautiful

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wow..amzing museum.and car bike also so nice...thanks for sharing..

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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is the best

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thanks for posting makes my brain working out to imagine when were the cars on road..

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wow ..
very classic vehicle friend, thanks for posting it.

Mercedes-Benz больше всего понравился ))

Good Blog 👍🙏

Super cars, thanks

Good work on steemit brother

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Produck of Germany ia the best. Selalu selangkah lebih maju dibanding negara maju lainnya. Bravo germany

Cool Cars!

Mercedes her zaman favorim

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Wow. I did'nt think this car exist in this place. Nice photo. I would keep touch your blog.

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amazing post

220S Cabrio wow, that is so beautiful.

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Today in the program - blue cars )

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Que encanto de automóviles! nunca pasan de moda: Buen Post.

amazing post. beautiful care

what is the third car down?

I love this car... I hope one day i will be able to see this in real...

What a cool Museum! Thanks for sharing the tour. What a great Idea.

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Great photos
What car is in the second? It looks amazing.