Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Part 10 (↻110%)

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Today I will show a technique that once could fly.

You probably already noticed that I am very negative about the war. But, remember the war should be all that it would not happen again.

The museum houses equipment from different countries.







To be continued.


Самолеты так же прекрасны, как и автомобили. Классные посты, еще бы небольшой рассказ про представленную технику.

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Polish Aviation Museum. Cracow.
I invite you to Poland next time.
...and a wonderful, beautiful airplane in history - Spitfire

I like the post .the airplanes are ver wonderful full. I like it .thank you sharing the post.

I like the way Germany war against terror. Like Adolf Hitler did a tremendous job in WW1 and WW2.

Really loved searching at the pics! I love how generation has allowed to view and recognize what's taking place in different elements of the sector on the contact of a button. Thanks for sharing with us.

Those are incredible works of engineering. Though mans tendency to use his ingenuity to create weapons of mass destruction is not something to celebrate.

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Canadian aviation museum: 902C19D7-0948-4541-A840-71A54A242E34.jpeg

Such museums, open-air, are very impressive.

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well war is sadly a part of human history and without we wouldnt have some of the best invention like this planes. Nice pics and it looks like and awesome museum

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Really enjoyed looking at the images! I love how technology has allowed to view and know what's happening in other parts of the world at the touch of a button.

Greetings fron Nairobi,Kenya

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ок, отлично

Nice Fotos.

But I would be impressed if they had a reichsflugscheibe 😂

Eye-rolling Museum

I would love to see a bf-109. An amazing plane!

nice education

I really like this post since I am a history and military enthusiast.