Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Lanz D 7506. Part 60 (↻100%)

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Lanz D 7506 All-purpose tractor

A farm tractor and traction engine used by motorized army- and engineering units.

It burns diesel fuel, paraffin oil, brown-coal tar oil, shale oil and kerosine.

Year: 1939
Power: 25 HP
Engine cc: 4.760
Engine: 1 cyl.


To be continued.


@alexko-steemit What is your connection with the museum in Sinsheim, do you work there or just come there often? Many years ago, I lived in Wiesloch, not far from Sinsheim..Lived there for three years, because I got a job in Heidelberg... Heard about the museum, but sadly I never got the chance to visit it..Cool pictures and descriptions of the valuable old vehicles🙂

I live near the museum. I visited this museum seven times already. The exhibition is often updated, so it's always interesting. People do not often go to museums. My goal is to interest people to visit this museum. The museum is really interesting.

This is very cool

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again a polished jewel, thanks

Good Work and keep it up !!

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Looks cool

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