MUSE is a Membership organization in the cloud- a blockchain specifically tailored for the music industry- that aims to be the foundation of the music industry's new ecosystem.

Quite similar indeed.
Muse acts as a database for all music metadata.
It's also the means of payment.
And finally it's the source of payment.

That means artists are getting paid for their art everytime someone clicks the "play" button while it's FREE to use for the listener. No audio-ads either!

I would recommend watching this short vid:

OK I get it now. Some terminologies are quite complicated but that explanation is way much easier to understand for me! So basically it's like steemit but more focused on music. That will have a cleaner look because no ads are around yet.

yes it very nice @cob.
artists in my country are poor.
such as writers, writers in my country 78% percent poor.
this is unfortunate

because the author in Indonesia is not paid by the government and someone.
i am amazed with you @cob ,, you are very kind

hopefully this goes smoothly

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