Muse March 2018 Update

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Hello Muse supporters!
It's time for an update. I'm really excited about this one and I'm sure you will be as well!

Things are really coming together for the Muse project during Q1 of 2018. Our team of full time contributors has grown, and we are now able to move forward on many fronts at once. It feels fantastic to have this new-found velocity.

Something worth a special mention is the addition of John to the team. He has quit his day job and is now all in with Muse. His previous work experience makes him the perfect candidate to bring some structure to our efforts to radically change the way music is consumed and monetized.

He is now on board full time and has begun bringing balance to the Force :p
I'm neither a technical founder or high in orderliness (to those familiar with the big 5 personality traits) and feel as though John can complement my flaws perfectly in that regard. He has been continuing development on the Rights Management Portal with @Johnstor, but now that he is full time, has also set the stage for some structure and established protocols going forward.
John is taking over management of all aspects even remotely technical, which frees up a lot of my own time to focus on where I can actually add value.

All good news to MUSE HODLERS if you want my opinion :D


Part of the new structure is the post-sprint community updates which sum up what was achieved and what we will be tackling next. Each sprint is 15 business days so about 3 weeks calendar time.

Last Sprint

  • We outlined the new Biz/Ops plan going forward
  • We began development of in order to have a place to go other than Slack when you need assistance
  • We've so far created 11 articles for the support site
  • We updated the website
  • We updated the website
  • The PeerTracks Web app's UI was worked on
  • The audio player is also being modified to track the relevant data which Muse requires
  • The Rights Management Portal made great progress! Base features include:
    • User Registration/Login
    • Post Content Metadata (this part is huge! We can finally put metadata on the Muse blockchain using the GUI)
    • Existing Muse wallet integration. The wallet is being re-written in Angular.js so it can be part of the RMP (written in Angular). This means we will only have one codebase to maintain for both the standalone and the RMP versions. The (current/existing) React.js wallet will eventually be completely replaced by the Angular version.
  • The people from have gotten back to us a few days ago, so the information regarding Muse should hopefully be brought up to date shortly!

Here's a glimpse at the RMP:

This sprint

This is the hardening sprint where we are doing a lot of testing and bug fixing. Essentially:

  • Getting the RMP ready for our first, invite-only artists while ensuring the PeerTracks app can read the correct metadata on the Muse blockchain and push out spins (plays/streams) in real time.
  • Continue to progress on Biz/Ops plan by adding in-depth details to initial outline
  • Continue work on the Help/Support portal. A lot of content needs to be created for it as we only have 11 articles up so far. Community help greatly appreciated :)

As stated above, you can now expect an update of this sort at the end of each sprint. If you have any comments or feedback on the structure and/or content of the new updates, please say so in the comments.

Also, please help us out by upvoting, resteeming and sharing to all social media outlets.

Cheers everyone!


Vote for MUSE at, it's an upcoming exchange. So far I've gotten it to about 150 votes.

We are up over 180 votes now. Great job! Be sure to clean your cache, refresh, and vote again. It also helps to use different browsers to get even more votes in. Votes cap out at 50 every 24 hours. Please leave a comment as well. Thanks!

sweet, will do. Muse definitely needs more exchanges. Hopefully now that Binance Has added Steem it would not be that much harder for them to add Muse.

Wow its really nice having John come on board. From all you have said about him, I really see him as the best man for the job. The fact that he quit his job just to be full time with muse shows his dedication and that's just the kinda man you need.

Great job Cob! Looking forward to the coming weeks!!! Just resteemed.

Well, what can I say? Only that the development seems to be doing awesome! Hopefully John will be a great addition :)

Thanks for another great post. Upvoted and resteemed. Any chance of looking at EOS . My complete inexperience, means I can not even start to work out the count on it. Many thanks

EOS would be the best potential upgrade. But for the time being Muse is it's own DPOS & Graphene based blockchain.

Thanks for the help

What is this? Is this some kind of a social platform too like steemit? I'm confused.

MUSE is a Membership organization in the cloud- a blockchain specifically tailored for the music industry- that aims to be the foundation of the music industry's new ecosystem.

Quite similar indeed.
Muse acts as a database for all music metadata.
It's also the means of payment.
And finally it's the source of payment.

That means artists are getting paid for their art everytime someone clicks the "play" button while it's FREE to use for the listener. No audio-ads either!

I would recommend watching this short vid:

OK I get it now. Some terminologies are quite complicated but that explanation is way much easier to understand for me! So basically it's like steemit but more focused on music. That will have a cleaner look because no ads are around yet.

yes it very nice @cob.
artists in my country are poor.
such as writers, writers in my country 78% percent poor.
this is unfortunate

because the author in Indonesia is not paid by the government and someone.
i am amazed with you @cob ,, you are very kind

hopefully this goes smoothly

Great news! Thanks for the updates. Can’t wait to see full potential of Muse!

@cob Very cool news. I am very happy for this challenge. You do a lot more good. We appreciate your effort.
#upvote 100% & #restem

Great news I'm excited about this project and I wish you success @cob
Thank you for your efforts. I respect you for your continued work

Awesome updates. When will these updates work ?

That is lovely...thanks for sharing about MUSE ..i didnt knew about it....i will signup there...

OOhhhhh really great i am so excited to know about muse because i did not kow about this thanks for sharing now i am going for regester myself

Great news, Thanks for the updates!

The hottest digital coin as 2018.."The MUSE platform is a brand-new third-generation blockchain.

cool john,do it!
buy muse,facai!

learn about muse at first. happy to know some new and thank you [email protected] for sharing such a informative post.

amazing pos

yes it very nice @cob.
artists in my country are poor.
such as writers, writers in my country 78% percent poor.
this is unfortunate

because the author in Indonesia is not paid by the government and someone.
i am amazed with you @cob ,, you are very kind

hopefully this goes smoothly

Congratulations for the excellent team you have and wish John good luck. A hug.

this is really exciting news. Welcome to John as well. This is such an exciting project and I like where it's heading. Thanks for the update. I shared it with my followers.

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Good job, just resteemed!
Let me know if you need any help from the certified Scrum master.

Assistance always welcome. Can you send us a message here?

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