Mexican Murals – Under Metro Line 4

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I think it is so unique how our cultures are so very different. I have never been to Mexico, so this is great to see. Hope all is well with you after the earthquake and the hurricanes.

Oh yes, fortunately the earthquake didn't do any damage in my part of town. As for the hurricanes, by the time it made it up here, all we got was days (actually weeks) of cloudy, rainy, overcast weather, but nothing more.

Great news, then my prayers for the countries safety have been heard

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I like all these murals. I find that the stories behind them very interesting. It is much better than defacing property for the sake of vandalism.

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So many awesoem murals.
It's like walking through a gallery !

I know.... I'm thinking, I probably should have given each mural its own post. Not that I'd run out of them anytime soon, anyway, the city is full of them!

There's an area of my town that has a ton of these types of murals - absolutely beautiful and have a unique aesthetic for sure. I love driving through on my way home from an art or music event!

~ Kevin

Nice! Can you post some pics?

Those are kick ass murals. Great writeup, great photography. My fave is probably the racoon / squirrel one. Resteemed!!