Mexican Murals - A Warrior Princess in Mazunte

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I found this amazing mural on the way from Mazunte’s town center Rinconcito to Punta Cometa, the nearby hill offering a spectacular view of both sunrise and sunset. It was painted by Razul, a tatoo artist from Colombia, who spent some time here in Mazunte last year. Manuel from Itínera had the pleasure to meet her in person, and another friend of ours had her put a jaguar on his biceps. Although I am not familiar with her tattoo art, this mural she left on one of the most prominent walls in Mazunte clearly shows her artistic talent.

The image is of a native woman wearing the ceremonial headdress of an eagle warrior, an important figure in Aztec military. Even though the local region is of Zapotec culture, and the role of the eagle warrior was reserved for men, this picture beautifully captures naturally inspired native imagery.

My favorite aspect of this mural is that it has been painted on a retaining wall. This is not only because I’ve been talking, thinking and dreaming about retaining walls so much myself lately. Much rather, it is because the image was painted on two walls, the upper one being a bit further back to support the mountain. As a result, the upper and lower parts of the image do not always line up, as the viewer walks past. In fact, there is no optimal angle, at least not one that can be accessed without hovering in the air, out past the cliff. The way this photo was taken, the eagle’s head matches up, but the circular design in the back doesn’t. As a result, you can see people walking back and forth looking at it, trying to find the ideal point of view.

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I really like this series dear @stortebeker. Its a very much appreciated constant here on steemit for me!


Thank you!



As usual, very cool! I like the perceptual feel this has on the two layers of wall

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello friend! Long time! Guess what? I've been trying to get back to it! I see you've been really busy lately!! Looks like all good things though!

This mural really is beautiful. I am really glad you mentioned it being on two different walls. How far apart do you think they are? Would really take some skill to be able to line them up when painting the design! I quite like the colors they used too. Very talented! I bet their tattoos are awesome!


Yeay @farmstead, so glad to see you're back! As for me, I'm struggling with the challenges of writing and posting without electricity, hahaha! The two walls are less than a meter (3 feet) apart. In fact, they are not even apart. It's a retaining wall with the bottom section being thicker.


Ooooh I see now!

No electricity! For how long or are you not home now? Out traveling?

I do like these murals.

Does anyone 'officially' catalogue and record them as pieces of art? Or are they too ephemeral for that?


Hehehehe, someone probably does (like me who's putting it into Steemit posts), though not sure how official it is.



Wow I love the artwork. Hope they will preserve the culture and history.