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RE: Mexican Murals - A Warrior Princess in Mazunte

in #murals3 years ago (edited)

Hello friend! Long time! Guess what? I've been trying to get back to it! I see you've been really busy lately!! Looks like all good things though!

This mural really is beautiful. I am really glad you mentioned it being on two different walls. How far apart do you think they are? Would really take some skill to be able to line them up when painting the design! I quite like the colors they used too. Very talented! I bet their tattoos are awesome!


Yeay @farmstead, so glad to see you're back! As for me, I'm struggling with the challenges of writing and posting without electricity, hahaha! The two walls are less than a meter (3 feet) apart. In fact, they are not even apart. It's a retaining wall with the bottom section being thicker.

Ooooh I see now!

No electricity! For how long or are you not home now? Out traveling?

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