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As I was thinking about @kus-knees latest "mundane art" contest

and on my way home after dinner in the restaurant at the hotel next door.....
I stopped to take this night time shot of some damaged and discolored ashphalt.

I think that AshphaltArtIMG_20171117_2122268.jpgmy shoe at the bottom of the picture makes it especially endearing, don't you think? :-)


By the way, here's the entrance to the hotel next door:
(yeah, yeah, I know it says "EXIT". Use your imagination!)

Entering the Perla Hotel, Loutraki, Greece

over and out


This is a defeat for marketing.. your shoe becomes famous for your inspiration and not for its brand name! Enjoy your stay! :)

I know, eh. I should have photo shopped @onceuponatime onto the shoe!

you have an eye for the abstract !! ;) :D :D ... And the shoe ? Adds charm to the abstract :) ... nice and easy and mundane. And yes, the way you enter is the way you exit :). The circle of life completes itself on the same point :D :D ... I too am an art person. I paint, to be more specific :) .. Check out my blog if you have the time :)

I'll agree with you completely. The way in is the way out.

Go inside.

absolutely !!! :) Dust to Dust -the final destination :) ... Followed you :)

I would be surprised if you could find a asphalt without a damage, but art forgives everything.
Have a nice stay.
Thank you

"There is a crack, a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in."

Leonard Cohen

One of my Mantras in life!

Great one

I also agree With You @artgalleryraka

Your shoe is very photogenic and charismatic :)

My shoes take after me. In fact, I taught them just about everything they know :-)

that pictures made me think deep!!
Lol thanks for sharing!

I hope that you didn't think so deep that you were unable to come back up to the surface here with the rest of us :-)

Interesting concept, mundane art... the beauty found in unlikely spaces. Wasn't it Leonardo Da Vinci who taught his students how to see/draw better by observing cracks in the wall and the pattern in stains.

As a poet, I feel that the world is teeming with poems, waiting to be perceived and picked from the air =) @onceuponatime

Picking poems from the air! And from trees, and amidst the flowers of meadows too.
And I hope you will catch a big one in the sea!

Thank you, @onceuponatime ! If you've the time/interest, I hope you might enjoy these very short poems of mine, featured on NPR:

Wow you are back in greece. Did you have the permit now to stay?

I have a temporary permit. I am expecting the permanent one within a week or two.

Nice So Then you Can settle and prepare next steps. Hoping for you that all goverments work quickly

Thank you.

" Hoping for you that all goverments work quickly"
by disappearing? LOL

lol, maybe start a project for that on, lol Have a great weekend

Artistic eye can be found in anywhere! You have proven that! Actually this is wonderful, and I can assure you have a High Quality camera lenses too! Hope to see more great photography from Greece!


Well, it is a cell phone camera, but yes, the Blackberry Priv has a very good lens.

I thought it was a Cell Phone camera! But it's a high quality one!


watch your picture for a while, and then art is like that, everyone sees what their mind allows them to see, so ...

What did your mind allow you to see (but don't scare me lol)?

I did not expect you to ask, you would think I'm crazy, but I see the face as a kind of an Ogre seen in profile. I see perfectly the nose in the most pronounced crack, let me know if you can see it, it's a profile face haha (I'm ashamed)

Ogres, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder :-)

the exit from the real world maybe

I left the real world long before this :-)

haha that thought did come to me a bit since you are now a Greece resident :-)

My first thought when I saw the broken asphalt was, this was probably taken in Greece XD

Did they shoot that movie "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" in Greece?

Nice pics.

This is my natural leg art.

Good pics but i want to see more green in cities.

A pic of medellin colombia my city :)

Green in Athens... not plenty but some

Wow... Nice click

this is special ;)

upvote to you dear nice post....i hope you back


Thank you. But, in this case, cool is most likely in the eye of the beholder :-)

hehe damm cool shot

Very nice, share more.

See my photos also

Wow, you've made 16 posts so far in the last 24 hours?

I like the exit sign picture.

@onceuponatime - Sir thanks to you I could find this wonderful quote & you made a beautiful photography from a crack too Sir...
"There is a crack, a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in."


Interesting art, it's the first time I have heard of it, minimalistic and thoughtful

The street abstract mundane art is awesome. Various color design. Crack seems surprising condition.

Mundane art create a wonderful world.
Stunning one.

Cracking photo.

You crack me up :-)

Great your life enjoy. nice photography.
thank you @onceuponatime
Upvote Resteem

at the entrance of this hotel looks nice. oya why the way can break.

Cracking is remarkable for this moment.

Every moment is cracking if you have the right attitude!

haha everything is art right? Its your perspective :)

Attitude and perspective are everything.

Mundane Art Contest is good.
((((( Resteem Service))))))

What happened to the earth's surface?
Have a nice day

Global warming?

wonderful world and excellent photography.
For your post propagation.

Perla Hotel is nice look. wonderful photography.
Upvote Resteem

Perla Hotel Front is very beautiful.
100% like and resteem

These amazing places. Photographs so truly convey the beauty of color contrast. You are a professional photographer.

Beautifull friend

great to see that,,,,,,,,,,,,
at the entrance of this hotel looks nice..........////////

Do you look at your shoes or to crack in the ground?
They both have to stop

Wow... Nice click

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I took this concept of mundane art and connected it with the Japanese sentiment of Wabi-Sabi. Check out the flawed beauty photos I took of my winter-driven Evo X at

great art
thank's for sharing

It indeed increased the depth of the image (Shoe)
Enjoy the stay buddy
Nicely taken image of the 1st 1 :)

That Captured Is really Amazing @onceuponatime

amazing photography ..
will appreciate if you visit to my blogs ..
thanks for sharing...

Beautiful art contest

your post is so helpful...........
please upvote, comment, and follow me I'm going to follow you

What did you find "helpful" about it?

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