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The “first question” was asked for the first time, somewhere in 2017, at a time when humanity stepped into the light, by the creating of blockchain technologies. The question came about as a result of Vitalik’s thoughts and it was formulated as “blockchain trilemma”.
My name is Art, and for you - I am the man of the future! And I am here to describe you how and by whom this “first question” was answered! So, what is it about:
The blockchain trilemma indicates that blockchain systems can only possess two of the following properties:
Decentralization is a core tenant upon which the majority of this community is built. Decentralization enables censorship-resistance and permits anyone to partake in a decentralized ecosystem without prejudice.
Scalability concerns the ability to process transactions on any given network. If public blockchains are to be usable by the masses, then they must be able to handle a scenario in which there are millions of users on the network.
Security pertains to the immutability of the ledger and its general resistance to attacks such as 51% attacks, Sybil attacks, DDoS attacks etc.
To the year 2020 internet and pocket personal computers (phones) were everywhere. Finally humanity got such level of freedom that never had before. With the help of personal devices could do everything just sitting in their chairs at home – they could buy clothes, food, pay for education, visit all kind of performances in every corner of the Earth … So for the stable and effective working of all these humanity achievements in 2020, more and more people started to use dApps.
I am taking dApps as an example of how “blockchain trilemma” was solved.
The answer of “the first question” was given by MultiVAC (later had a strong influence on the technological history) and this answer was: flexibility!
MultiVAC became the first platform that allowed to any dApps developer to decide what is the most important for their clients in certain situation: decentralization or scalability or security. Staying inside only one platform, the developer, with the help of multi-dimension sharding model, could choose whether they needed to make accent on secure or, for example, speed of transactions. For example the company of Vitalik, who had asked “the first question”, had chosen for their clients, that decentralization and security is more important than speed … and if I had needed a higher level of transaction I should move to another platform, like EOS.
To the year 2020 global economy finally became customer-oriented and highly competitive between companies. Blockchain was spread out everywhere. And even for a big companies like Ethereum moving clients to another platform was painful.
Innovative ideas made it possible very quickly to conquer a significant market share for MultiVAC. MultiVAC became a “Sharding killer”. The largest companies in the world had begun to rebuild their models based on the researchers of MultiVAC - bcs thier ideas were not effective any more. Also they were the first comany that created miner selection model. That redefines sharding and smart contracts. No one had done that before. Bcs of all these innivations - MultiVAC became the most important structurein blockchain by the year 2024. But by this time MultiVAC had already built its company on the basis of its intention - to respond the most difficult questions — MultiVAC had been creating superintelligence. MultiVAC was created itself!

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