FInding a mega bottle dump in Yorkshire - What did we find?

in mudlarking •  last month  (edited)

On our travels to Yorkshire, a fellow mudlarker took us along to several of his secret bottle dump locations. This one was amazing. Everywhere you looked, there was something interesting.

I even found my second clay pipe, complete with some stem. One day I will find a clay pipe with a full stem.... one day :)

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Hi there, I'm exploring possibilities for a second SteemWales meetup in case you are interested...

I tend to be very busy but let me know what you get planned and I'll see if I am free :)

What part of Wales are you based in?

I am trying to get a feel for where everyone interested is to plan a suitable meetup location.

We are in the South. Don't let this be a factor though, as we may well not be able to make it.