MTG Draft - Rivals of Ixalan - B/W Vampires

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Tonight there will be another draft in my favorite bar - Crni Mačak. We will be drafting a bit older editions this time. It will be a draft with Eventide, Morningtide, and Shadowmoor. I am really hyped about the draft, so I decided to write another post about MTG. As I will be drafting tonight, I will share a deck from my previous draft here.

B/W Vampires

The first booster I opened during this draft told me what I was going to play. I opened one of the most powerful draft cards in Ixalan; Bishop of Binding!


Bishop is an amazing card, it removes a threat from your opponent's side of the board, and boosts himself or another vampire each time he attacks, ideally one with lifelink.

Luckily for me, no one else at the table was drafting vampires, so I managed to draft some pretty decent ones. I got 4 copies of Squire's Devotion which means that my Famished Paladin never had to be thirsty. Those two work great in combination as once it is enchanted Famished Paladin untaps whenever it deals damage.


I picked Forerunner of the Legion to help me find Bishop, and 2x Costly Plunder as I had lots of ways to create 1/1 vampires, so it wasn't that costly after all. :)


Besides vampires, I drafted some really nice board control cards like Luminous Bonds, Baffling End and Impale. They helped remove some nasty threats while quick and deadly vampires quickly drained life from opponents.


I bolstered the ranks of the vampires with a few useful pirates likeDire Fleet Poisoner and Deadeye Tracker, and I took a pet dinosaur in form of Wakening Sun's Avatar for sideboard as board clear option in dire situations.


This deck was pretty quick and efficient and it earned me the 2nd place in the tournament. Here is the full decklist if you are interested in checking it out.

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Black/White Vampires is so OP in this format. It was overpowered in Amonkhet too... I think the meta for limited was far too focused on tribal after Kaladesh last year. I was so sick of tribal being almost mandatory in draft I couldn't draft this set more than once. It just seem far too similar to the last set. I know they are the same block, but they even reprinted cards from a set before? I upvoted, followed, and resteemed this article. I do this for everyone that writes about MTG. We need to get more card gaming articles on steem! Support articles like this!


I am only glad that there it is possible to build a pirate tribal in Ixalan :) Although tribal was the most obvious draft build in Ixalan I think the most powerful build for draft in the set is U/W control with all the cheap white removals and disables the set has to offer. But I am really happy about drafting Dominaria soon, I checked some of the upcoming style and I like what it has to offer!
Thanks :D

Eventide, Morningtide and Shadowmoor sealed boosters are hard to source these days. Expensive draft springs to mind. Good though if you can get some.


There will be 8 players at the draft as we have 8 of each of these boosters ready :) We are starting in two hours, I will make a post on how it went next week :)


Should be fun, and you get some valuable cards to boot!

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What a sick first pick. Pretty unsure about the tracker, is he that good in limited? Are you all playing the pre-release today?


I picked the tracker as he is decent 1 mana drop with ability to power up, and remove creatures from graveyards which comes in handy if opponent is playing black with recovers. I am not playing pre-release, it is my friends birthday and we are having a barbecue, so priorities :)