Effected by Mt Gox Scam? Good News! Your Coins are Found!

in mt-gox •  last year

Good news! Your coins that were  #STOLEN from  #MtGox are found..


Bad news, they aren't sure they want to give them back. And there's a mysterious death based around this case.



The bad part about situations such as this, is they are leveraged and utilized as teeth for law makers. One of the worst marks on crypto history, along side ETH's hard fork.. But, I think it will be trumped by Ripples coming months of unveiling, and maybe tethers questionable reserves.


The world of crypto is a crazy beast. Be sure to be safe and hold your currency on offline wallets. 


What do you think is going to be the outcome of this 450,000 BTC discovery? Will they redistribute them? 

Tis a new year, and a season of giving.. 

Will giveaway 3 SBD to the top analysis in comments!

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Well the death looks suspicious. Nobody just fall up from the building and i not a possible outcome when you have billions worth of bitcoin.

Only the dead men know the bitcoin is and they are lost forever.

I think if the lost coins are found, it should be distributed Judiciously, failure to do so is an act of unfairness.
Yeah. I have voted for you as a witness.
You are doing a great job. Keep it on.

The death doesn't look all that mysterious to me. Someone wanted control of a huge amount of assets, and wanted no conscientious witnesses. With that much money at stake, I'm sure the right palms will be greased to keep this buried.

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I have given up on my coins when the site was still up and I couldn't withdraw them.