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W} D.{3-23} E. None of these
7.x2-0.4x+k is a perfect square if k=……….
A. 0.4 B. 0.04 C.-0.04 D.-0.4 E. 0.2

  1. x2-6x+k=(x+2)2, then
    A. k=3,a=-3 B. k=9,a=3 C. k=-9,a=-3 D. k=9,a=-3 E. k=3,a=9

  2. x2+8x+10+k is a perfect square if k=………..
    A. -1 B.6 C.15 D.26 E .None of these

  3. Which must be added to x2-2𝑥3 in order to be a perfect square is
    A.422 B. 232 C. 32 D. 342 E.132

  4. A quadratic equation with roots -3 and 5 is
    A.x2-15=0 B. x2-8x-15=0 C.x2+8x-15=0 D. x2+2x-15=0 E. x2-2x-15=0

  5. A quadratic equation with solution set {13,14} is
    A.12x2=7x+1 B.12x2=7x-1 C.12x2=x+1 D.12x2=x-1 E.12x2=1-x

  6. The solution set of the system of equation x-y=3, x2-y2=21 is
    A.{(2,5)} B.{(5,2)} C. {5,2} D.{(2,5),(5,2)} E. None of these
    14.The solution set of the system of equation x-y=0,x2+y2=8 is
    A.{(2,-2),(-2,2)} B.{(-2,2),(2,-2)} C.{(2,2),(-2,-2)} D.{(2,5),(5,2)} E. None of these

  7. The root of standard quadratic equation is real if

    1. b2-4ac<0 2. b2-4ac=0 3. b2-4ac>0
      A. 1 only B. 2 only C. 3 only D. 1 and 2 only E.2 and 3 only
  8. p2+q2=…………
    A.(p+q)2 B.(p-q)(p-q) C.(p-q)2+2pq D.(p-q)2-2pq E. None of these
    17.If a2+2ka +16 is a perfect square , then k=…..
    A.-2 B.2 C. -4 D. 8 E. 16

  9. If x2+2x-24 =(x-a)(x-b), when a>b , then
    A. a=4,b=-6 B. a=6, b=-4 C. a=6 ,b=4 D. a=6, b=-6 E. a=-4, b=-6

  10. The solution set the system of equation x2-8x+y=0, y=2x is
    A. {(0,0),(12,6)} B. {(0,0),(6,12)} C. {0,12} D.{0,6} E.{(0,12),(0,6)}

  11. The equation p2+6p-2=0 can be written as
    A. (p-3)2=11 B. (p+3)2=11 C. (p+3)2=7 D.(p-3)2=7 E. None of these

  12. The solution set of the equation (x+1)(x-7)=-12 is
    A.{-1,7} B. {1,5} C. {-1,-5} D. {1,-7} E.{1,-5}

  13. From a quadratic in x whose roots are 4+5 and 4- 5.
    A. x2+5x+6=0 B.x2+8x+11=0 C. x2-5x+6=0 D. x2


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