Use Case Radio : Food and Steem - Thursday 18 October 2018 [recording]

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The Use Case Radio : Food and Steem show was broadcast on MSP Waves on Thursday 18 October 2018.

This Food and Steem show was the first of a series of shows called Use Case Radio.

In an open forum style show we looked from all angles and from all perspectives at the subject of food.

We examined existing uses of the steem blockchain and exploring potential new uses of steem in the food sector.

From this we hoped to find ways to grow the use of steem, and to therefore increase the value of steem.

Some of the topics covered in the show included restaurant reviews, food dApps, recipes, dietary information, supporting food producers, eating choices, funding food projects, payments in restaurants.

The guests appearing on the show were :

Tasteem is a Steem base interface, where you can write your own restaurant reviews and earn handsome rewards. Tasteem has recently removed its whitelisting requirement so now all steemians can visit, submit review posts, and earn auto upvotes from Tasteem.

  • @eroche - developer of the @letseat restaurant review app, based in Ireland

  • @rea - restaurant reviewer and food enthusiast, blogs in English and Chinese, based in the UK

  • @breezin - farmer of mangoes among other crops, based in South Africa

  • @jeffjagoe - creator of Steem Food Tours, based in the USA

  • @mckenziegary - food techologist in the USA, currently involved in a start-up business that is working on a project to manufacture a banana puree product. Also an MSP Waves show host.

  • @pandamama - one third of the @cookwithus project, based in Cyprus

  • @plantstoplanks - US based personal trainer and nutrition consultant specialising in plant-based food

My DSound Picks of the Week

Mingled in with the discussion I played a number of my top picks from DSound including...

This recording is also available on YouTube

This show is kindly sponsored by DSound.

[ graphics by @pennsif, @dsound, @tasteem & @eroche ]

▶️ DTube

Thank you for the update @pennsif. It was such a pleasure at your show 😸

It was great to have you on the show Cat. I am looking forward to trying Tasteem.

Too bad I missed this one but thanks for the opportunity to catch up @pennsif!

I am sure there will be other opportunities.

Thank you so much for recording this! I have been waiting for an update to hear about this food and steem series. I love writing reviews about food and restaurants. I have also become a user of Tasteem and Let's. Of course a project like this will bring new fun and spirit on blockchain because aspects of food cannot be separated from life.

Once again, thank you so much @pennsif

You are welcome.

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Hey @pennsif, thanks again for the invite... Hopefully I can make it next time with no technical difficulties :) I hope you are having a great weekend.

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