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RE: Steem Witness Forum Tomorrow Immediately Following the Tron Meeting on MSPWaves

in #mspwaves3 years ago

Would someone please post a list of witnesses supporting moving to TRON. I'd hate for them to have my vote.


and my axe

@Uwelang and @davedickeyyall pretty much summed up what quite a few of us are chatting about and I'd say hostile seems an apt word.

Exactly, we need a list now. Granted I only vote for 2 top 20 witnesses but I want to know any others that support the move.

What Justin wants Justin gets I'm guessing as Eli put out a statement that she had no clue about any of this and is oh so shocked, sure all the 'secret slacks' are like , what happens when we have to go get that Sun vote , you know instead of the Pumpkin one. op/ed

Secret Slack... Of course... 🤦‍♂

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