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RE: Advice from one minnow to another - Part 2

in #mspsteem6 years ago

Glad to see Part 2 out :) This one was very helpful as well! I like the idea of really trying to get to know your followers. And I love the tip of responding to everyone who comments on your posts, I think that is very important!


Hey Jenna, good to see you again :)
Thank you so much for your kind words. I am a little slow in responding to all my comments right now because I want to upvote with 100% SP (with Steem price being so low right now I feel sad not being able to give a double digit upvote, lol). I am trying though! May the steem force be with us :)

That's very thoughtful of you! I forgot to thank you for sharing your rewards, I really appreciate it :)
May the steem force be with us ;)

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