"Joy" my latest oil painting.

in mspsteem •  last year


Often, before starting a painting, I enjoy surprising myself by choosing a new point of departure. It is my way of keeping my work alive. I provoke novelty until I feel like I am doing something I haven't tried before. For this painting, I started with a color background inspired by the abstract expressionism movement, keeping in mind that my little girls would be wearing red, yellow, and orange dresses.

Elements in place - color sketch:

Color close-up:

Voilà! Comments art welcome! My personal website: www.kathleenscarboro.fr

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Thank you for posting @kathleenscarboro.

Such a lovely artistic capture of the essence of childhood......evoking the words carefree, innocence, and happinesses.

Appreciate the details as well.

Congratulations on the finished work....it is so very beautiful.

All the best.



Thank you for the encouragement, @bleujay. It matters a lot when an artist of talent appreciates my work.

omg i love it <3

WOW! I'm speechless...
Amazing art!


So glad you like it. Thank you!

Beautiful artwork, just dropped by and noticed your art. Keep it up! Just added and following your work. Hope we can stay connected! Upvote to support you~


Thank you @miss.kat. I am following you.


@kathleenscarboro thank you for following! Hope we can continue to support each other on Steemit!

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I love the joy that comes across in this picture. Reminds me of a time when I used to run on the streets with my sister and friends playing some game or the other.


Yes, @manouche, these are little South Indian girls - you of course would know this immediately!

Great work and the level of creativity is too good here.


Thank you. It is always especially nice when the person who says something positive is an artist.

What is interesting process of painting!


If I was painting, someone came to give me a free ticket & a vacation to Hawaii for a week. I choose not to move from where I paint mr. @yurche ^_^


Here I fully agree with you, @sayedahmadsabiq! I would not have traded the opportunity to draw on the rest in various distant countries! : ))))


Thank you @yurche. It is a very personal process.

wow this is so breathtaking! I miss working with oil, but since I've been living on the road in a small van with my 3 year old boy and his father, I never find the space to explode in painting, but I do a lot of drawings at least :) Check out my page if you want, I'm new on steemit and would love to connect with other artists!

wow, very good art, I like


Thank you. Glad you like it.

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Indeed, this is Lovely


very nice oil painting, liked it


Thank you, glad you like it!

Really full of joy! I think you also enjoyed painting!


Thank you @kalemandra! Yes I do love to paint.

Great steps - I often make a "abstract mess" on my canvas that subsequently I work in a similar way. The difference with me is that my subjects are not pre-determined, but result out of what the shapes suggest - so only near the end is a conscious direction taking over. The way to there is a trip into the blue. I try to keep a balance between the Apollonian and Dionysian elements, but often the Surrealist prevails.
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"Joy" my latest oil painting. — Steemit

steemit.com/mspsteem/@kath… / https://t.co/ZzBe8tpVyF

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Yes your procedure is similar, and it is relaxing to do the first steps, playing with color. I like to mix up realism and abstraction too.

OMG! That looks amazing!!! ♥♥♥


Thank you maria444, it is so nice to know that people enjoy my paintings.

Nice artwork Kathleen, very vivid and colourful.


Thank you for your encouraging words.

What a skillful hand.


Thank you. It always makes me happy when people appreciate my work.

really amazing painting, love the colours and the whole theme of it :)


Thank you, much appreciated.

WOW! Amazing work and seeing how you got there from that background makes it even better. Absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.


Thank you. I do like to give the background great importance, even if it takes second position as far as the narrative is concerned.

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All the best!

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This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your process and the finished painting. I was sent by #artzone.


So glad you like it! Thank you.

Absolutely beautiful piece.


Thank you. I like your hummingbirds and goldfish too and upvoted them.

For me your painting is very complicated to make it, but you carefully complete the details. really I am very satisfied enjoying your painting! 😍
how long will it take to complete this painting @kathleenscarboro?


As you have surmised, paintings like this take time. I started this one in December 2017 and finished it this week. This length of time of execution may seem long by today's standards, but was typical during the Renaissance.


Great .... You are great! You have great patience!
thanks miss @kathleenscarboro, By looking at your paintings, I learned a lot from you.

Thank you 🙏 ^_^


I have been painting for a long time, and was lucky to have an excellent teacher. I hope you find favorable circumstances for your development also.

Alot of words i'd use to describe this beauty...
i am still unable to explain the psychology the philosophy behind it or what causes me to smile and leaves me in a state of euphoria when i see children smile and laugh. maybe because i remember what it feels to be without worries, without problems, without expectations..
Beautiful work once again...
i hope you dont mind my saving it offline for more appreciation of the work...


You are more than welcome to save the painting offline. You may enjoy my website: www.kathleenscarboro.fr. Thank you for your kind comments.


will do maam . more inspiration to your work

Excellent process and descriptions.
Thankyou from ARTzone!


Glad you like it, @artzone. Thank you.

Hi @kathleenscarboro, you made a excellent artwork, I am very happy right now seeing your art. Congratulations friend!


Thank you @alarcon22.arte, glad you like it. I see you are an artist too. I upvoted your octopus.

Love the combination of colors. Nice work.


Glad you like it @omdesign. I enjoy (and upvoted) your animal paintings too.

I like it its so nice post

Wow that's incredible❣

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@kathleenscarboro this is totally a wow! I love how you portrayed true and raw happiness here. I love looking at paintings and would always want to start but never had the courage to... do you think there is still a chance for me? I am not really sure where to start. hope to see more of your art.


Hello @fwelzy, drawing and painting are skills that can be learned. You need to find yourself a good teacher who can guide you, and with plenty of practice I am sure you can learn to be a good painter.

Your painting reminds me of what it was like to be young. Innocent and full of hope and happiness. I think you captured that here. Thank you for sharing it.


Your comment makes me happy because that is exactly what I was trying to evoke.

Wow, this just blew my mind. <3


Glad you like it @life-on-earth. I am happy to have discovered your music.


Glad you like it @life-on-earth. I am happy to have discovered your music.

The color is amazing! It is pure joy for my eyes!

Thank you,


Thank you @atinyhome. By the way your tiny home looks very inviting. I really work on color, glad to see it gets noticed.


Thanks it is super cozy!

Apart form the movements of the subject, the color palette that you used made it so aliivee! I also love the direct sunlight effect because i interpret that lighting to have a joyful effect to it. Followed to see more of your works!


Thank you @hiddenblade. I do love playing with light and color...and composition.


You're welcome! You're doing great!

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wow.........amazing artwork


Thank you @chillymilly. So glad you like it.


mam @KathleenScarboro recently i visit your blog i like your all posts, keep it up 😊
kindly mam visit my profile @chillymilly


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