HIJACK TIME! Just checked my STEEM POWER and a little better vote!

in msp •  5 months ago

It’s back for a limited time! Hi-Jack my blog!

I occasionally run a hijack my blog to selfishly promote your own post. I have over 2700 followers now and we all know most of them are fake or dead accounts.

I run this every week or so and I have found it useful to meet new Steemians and support my “regulars”.

Link your newest post in the comments section and I’ll hop on over and visit your blog. It’s been a very tumultuous week and my brain power is limited. No eye opening blogs, brain crunching perplexities this week. I don't covet my STEEM POWER like many whales do, and I feel it's important to "pay it forward" to struggling minnows like myself.


So please hijack this blogs comment section and I will give my 100% upvote if it’s a decent read. Link your post in the comment section and get your vote.

I want to drain some SP voting power as I have been taking a break from writing this week.

So get posting!


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needs a little more effort but I'll give you a small upvote just for saying hi ;)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

sirbearbear this is a totally brainless post which will not strain your brain cells! God bless!



Thank you so much. Hopefully this week will be better for you. Here is my post. This is the Day Take care @bearbear613


Wonderful post about faith and G-d. Good lessons!

It's nice of you that you are taking care of your minnows supporter. It's a great idea. In this way minnows who have ability to write quality post will get chance to share his post to the masses. If all whales will adopt your idea it will be very beneficial for the community.
Here is my link
Thanks once again @bearbear613