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You know what really annoys me? When great users on Steem don't get the recognition they deserve. After what feels like forever with the past rules that plagued this blockchain and seeing rewardpool abuse happen on a daily basis, I am very happy to see things changing lately. Curation making a great comeback and people remembering who the users have been that have against all odds tried their best and stood firm against the maximizing and extracting of the pool for little to no effort. These users deserve my respect and we need to highlight them more often, I am glad to see many of them are now receiving genuine curation for their past and current efforts and I hope it continues that way.

Another thing that annoys me is that some really deserving ones are too modest to promote themselves. After asking our beloved witness, canadian ambassador and (fill in role here; she most likely does it) to post and remind users about her upcoming shows which I've come to enjoy over the years so I could give them a resteem to my "still kind of alive" followers, she keeps on declining. Well, screw you Crimmi. I'm gonna promote it instead then because you are too stubborn.

So if you like some heavy metal, a nice host that knows a scary amount about the genre and an entertaining night in a chat with a bunch of lovely Steemians while taking a break from the general Steem stuff. I suggest you join the MSP Discord and check out Full Force Radio with @crimsonclad as your host.

I'm going to get this post some visibility with upvotes and this post's beneficiaries are set to @null so they will be burned.

PS. She doesn't know I'm posting this and her show is live now for the next 3 hours so gogogo


So I woke up to find this post after last night's episode and I'm a bit ashamed to see that after I had a very "rarrrarggghh fuck this" sort of show to know that you wrote this and then to see all the people who took the time to comment — I feel like a right twat. Thank you. It means a lot, and I need to step up my game to be worthy of the people who are willing to stand behind all the weird shit I do. I suffer from imposter syndrome, where I put my heart and soul into everything I do and then immediately want to support or pay attention to anyone else rather than my own work, because I love watching the people around Steem do rad things and lifting all of you is naturally easy when you're all doing such diverse, wonderful stuff.

FullForce is a labour of love for me. It's definitely not for everyone (which is to be expected with any niche interest- I seriously love that people even try!), and it takes an enormous amount out of me to do for hours each week. It's also brought me friends, experiences, and has allowed me to build a fun, wild and musically cathartic place on Steem with anyone who wants to join in. The benefits have far outweighed the requirements.

I realize that over two years I have created over twelve full days of live streaming content that I've never really leveraged, advertised, replayed, or shared, outside of those magical times where it's happening live and there are dozens of people singing and chatting and thrashing along. I recognize that it would probably be a lot better to leverage this slowly snowballing phenomenon into something that does a better job connecting more people to steem and more people to each other and more people to music. I know I need help with that, so I'm all ears for people who know how to help grow a brand and do the parts that I am (ironically) too shy or too unsure of myself to do.

Wall of text aside, to all of you here who have given me a mental lift and a full heart, thank you- hopefully I can return the favour here on the platform and out in the world.🖤

I feel like a right twat

mission accomplished :*

the support of loved ones is so important, lol

Crimsonclad is one of the truly underrated steemians . There are very few people were I go, if this person wasn't here would it matter - yes, she matters. Trust me. Good post @acidyo .

@crimsonclad rocks! Metalheads forever.

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Hey all you devs out there, it's past time for someone to develop a podcast dapp on Steem. I use Radio Public when I drive, and I drive a lot. I don't do video in the car cause it eats too much data, so I download the audio of my favorite shows.
There are plenty of great creators on Steem whose work I would listen to, if it was in an easily accessible audio format!

This would be awesome! CC'd @justineh she is eye'n maybe doing a Steem Podcast.

I think this is a pretty valuable bit of feedback. I've also been doing a "Steem Centric" live show called Steemwave Radio that talks about and explain Steem tech, community, and concepts for about two years with well over 250 hours recorded. I realize that because it's live that it cuts out a lot of people who might be interested but don't have that time or who can't find the show because I don't advertise it. I've been getting a lot of feedback on this and I'm mulling over how to approach it. I do think there are probably others who can do it much better than I do, but I know that I've also covered a lot of ground in this time that could probably used by others to do some good.

Yes! a lot of the shows I like best are streamed live initially, but then uploaded as a podcast for people like me who don't catch it any other way. And if you're going to go that far, why couldn't there be a steem-based platform?
I believe we still have dsound, but personally I've had trouble using that. it doesn't work well on my mobile device, and does not download in the background like my podcast app does.

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every day when im sad and tired, i think that there is crimi in the world and i feel a lot better \o/



I love @crimsonclad's shows. The Thursday music is not a genre that I am familiar with 🧓, but she has shown me that I could almost learn to appreciate it!


She deserves promotion, even against her own will!

Thanks for the heads up...will have to check her out !

All hail full force!

you're very much missed and play every show. Hope you are living at full force yourself, these days~ 🖤

Thank you Crim, I look forward to getting back onboard one of these days. Life is good ... hectic but good.

Well I guess you are talking about me - yes, I have a lot of important and revolutionary stuff in my channel, thats right, but hey, do you know what I tell myself? I tell myself it is not my fault that I usually dont get almost no upvotes and remain largely unnoticed. (Perhaps it is also partly my fault because I do not really inform myself about tags etc.)
Now you can downvote this for self-praising myself, I know it stinks but hey, from my point of view I just wrote the truth :-)
End, cool story huh ;-)

Came here to down-vote, saw that beneficiary is null, well played. Imagine if all the trending post would set beneficiary to null just to promote their content.

Thanks for reading before downvoting. ;)

I was in this show listening and I have to say that I love full force radio ! @crimsonclad is the best host ever. She has a very unique sense of humor ( irreverent talk as she says ) and the music she plays is something really cool because you can hear different genres of rock music all throughout the show like related styles that are intense and virtuosic. And not only Full force Radio, she also has Steem Waves Saturday show, where she explains and talks useful stuff related to the platform. She is awesome. Good post @acidyo !

she deserves the promotion.. nice going

Wow. The show is absolutely great. I love all the participants. That's the power of #NewSteem. Unity , Love, togetherness.

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Thats a good lettering bro , keep work !

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You know wht hurts the most, when you want to help the steem ecosystem grow, but don't get enough help from others.

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you mentioned 2 things that annoy about steemit... what do you suggests that will be the best solution? good post!

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I wanted to ask the same question.

I'm wondering what path Steem is on. It doesn't feel the same to me.

...cool move!..more of this serious steemians!..trying and working on to become also an ‚usefull‘ steemian..up..will Check out directly also full force radio..

This is awesome of you do do this. I'll be checking out ChrimsonClad.

It seems that I will have to look into this MSP Discord.

That awesome lettering dude !

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Yes! @acidyo I never ever surrender.. I never upvoted to much before and now the same way. What I am trying now is to have a good content and never post shit post. I love photography since then,but I have to make a good entry and try to improve taking those photography. I really understand now. I think this way is so promising for the benefit of individual and community. And I love @crimsonclad!
Thank you steemit!

Very good, its content helped me a lot to clarify some doubts.

Wall of text

ADHD is a bitch

If you have a moment check out our stuff.... you might like. We're currently blogging about our time in Ghana.

I have to agree, so many go unnoticed on this platform. I often wonder if what I even post is of interest to others and not just myself but I am always thankful for the upvotes, the friendships I've established on here and no matter how little or lot I make it's more than I ever made on FB or IG lol
ROCK ON !!!!

@acidyo, You've said true. In this Steem Ocean lots of stuff happened but one thing is for sure and that is Steem Ecosystem got evolved and now we are seeing very different picture of it. Let's hope that now genuine and valuable content will receive more recognition than ever. Stay blessed.

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Grüße aus Deutschland
// 1,2,3, gute Laune //
Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //

всему свое время кто-то добивается быстро поставленной цели,а кому-то чуть дольше

I'm happy to see @crimsonclad getting more rewards at her posts, as she totally deserves it! And I totally understand her and every person who is just too modest even when she/he is very good at what it's doing because I'm one of them, but that's because everything happens for a reason in life and maybe this is how the things has to be done until you get some recognition. But I'm glad to see things are finally moving forward in her favour. GJ girl!

Thanks for the post.

@crimsonclad is definitely one of my favorites.

bravo !BEER

Nice photo. Some times, good photos are took in rapid moments that show thenselves so quikly.