Make A Minnow #6 Official Guidelines, Announcement and Nomination Post

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Welcome to the sixth Make a Minnow contest!

This initiative is about finding a deserving minnow who has a strong and positive influence in the PAL/MSP community and giving them a delegation prize as a reward for their efforts! Giving our minnows the opportunity to have increased curation influence benefits the entire Steemit ecosystem and should be considered a great honour.

Our last winner was @torico who was awarded a 5000 SP delegation for one month! Congratulations! @clayboyn was also awarded an additional prize of 1000 SP. The Prizes are courtesy of @eturnerx who we would like to thank for his generosity!

Now we need to find the next deserving recipient! Please take note of the rules if you would like to participate, as ineligible nominations will not be counted!

Make A Minnow Rules, Roles and Procedures


We intend to run two Make a Minnow (MaM) Contests per month.
The winner of each Contest is awarded a 5000SP delegation for 4 weeks.
Each Contest is held in two rounds: The Nomination Round and the Voting Round.

All Contest posts are made from the @msp-makeaminnow account and resteemed by @minnowsupport on Steemit.
Each Contest will have three posts as detailed below.

  • The First post announces a new MaM Contest and its rules. The post also signifies the start of the Nomination Round. Nominations from eligible voters (eligibility conditions described below) are made as comments on this post. This nomination has to state the name of the nominee to be deemed valid. Nominations may also include a link to a post in support of the nomination. Eligible voters have one week to complete this step.

Nominee Selection for the Voting Round. A nominee requires at least two valid nominations to go into the Voting Round. The top three nominees, by count of valid nominations, go into the Voting Round. In the event of a tie, more than three nominees may go into the Voting Round.

  • The Second post announces the start of the Voting Round and lists the nominees that have been selected. Eligible voters that nominated during the Nomination Round have one week to comment on the second post with their vote from the list of selected nominees.

Winner Selection, the winner is the nominee who receives the most valid votes in the Voting round. There is a single winner: in the event of a tie, a dice roll will take place on the MSP discord to determine the winner. This will be done by the MaM organizer with at least two moderators as witnesses.

  • The Third post announces the MaM Contest winner and signifies the end of the Contest. Post rewards will be set to 100% power up. We intend to grow MaM’s ability to offer more prizes and to reduce our reliance upon sponsors.

Nominator Lottery, get your tickets today!!

TO UNLOCK: The nomination round must reach the following two targets to activate the Nominator Lotto:

  • Have at least 5 different nominees participating in MaM #6.
  • Have at least 17 different nominators partipating in MaM #6.


  1. Each nominator who gives a valid nomination gets an entry.
  2. Each nominator who writes a nomination posts and links it in their nomination comment gets an additional entry
  3. Anybody who can make a valid nomination is eligible for this Lotto; except the MaM sponsors and MaM organizers.
  4. Prizes are awarded randomly. Each person may win only once.
  5. In honour of MaM#6, there are 6 prizes of 10 STEEM each.

Huge thanks to @eturnerx, @juliakponsford and @sammosk for brainstorming up this awesome incentive that we hope will increase the eligible pool of nominated and nominating members!

Who is an Eligible Voter?

Anyone who is a registered member of the MSP Discord and who also delegates any amount to msp bots is an eligible voter.

An eligible voter can:

  • Nominate in the Nomination Round
  • Vote in the Voting Round if they also nominated in the previous post.
  • Past winners are always eligible voters.
  • Nominators who do not vote in the voting round will have their nominations counted as a vote.

Who is Eligible for Nomination?

Any MSP registered member who has less than 10000 SP and is a delegating member of the PAL/MSP discord. The spirit of this award is to help a minnow who exemplifies the values of the PAL/MSP network and contributes to the community in a positive way.

The following accounts are not eligible for nomination:

  • Previous MaM winners
  • MSP Moderators and MSP Witnesses
  • MaM Contest Organizer/s
  • You may not nominate yourself!

Responsibilities of the MaM Contest Organizer/s

The MaM Contest is administered by the Organizers who are responsible for all duties associated with running the contest, including:

  • Making contest posts, overseeing the tally of results, ensuring prizes are awarded.
  • Dealing with post rewards in accordance with the MaM rules.
  • The present Organizers are @SammoSK and @juliakponsford.

Extra notes

In the last round some bonus prizes were distributed to the top contenders, those who have received these prizes are still eligible to win MAM in the future but will not be awarded additional bonuses should they make the top contenders again

We are not asking for any donations or pledges. The prizes are covered by our generous sponsor @eturnerx.

We would like to thank the MaM founders for making this project possible:

@eturnerx, @sammosk, @aggroed, @followbtcnews, @freetissues, @crimsonclad, @overthewait, @inkatieskitchen, @misterakpan, @stitchybitch, @danielsaori, @kubbyelizabeth, @morodiene, @drakos, @inquiringtimes, @artsygoddess, @overkillcoin, @kerlund74, @stickchumpion, @torico, @buzzbeergeek, @crazybgadventure, @dbzfan4awhile, @steembusiness, @juliakponsford, @locke, @r0nd0n, @buggedout, @hopehuggs, @soundwavesphoton, @clayboyn, @drwom, @darxide403, @shellyduncan, @uniwhisp, @sunravelme, @travelnurse, @jackmiller and @spaingaroo.

Founders are the people who were behind the MaM Contests from the beginning. Founders have access to the MaM chat room where they can have input into the future of this project. Founders are not otherwise directly involved in the running of individual MaM Contests and may be nominated unless otherwise excluded.

We trust you will nominate carefully with the PAL (Peace, Abundance and Liberty) values in mind! Best of luck to all nominees!


To nominate and be nominated you must be a delegating member of the PAL/MSP discord.

You may only vote for a finalist in the next post if you nominate an eligible member in this comment section!

In the previous round there were a number of ineligible votes because the voters did not participate in the nomination round. Please nominate somebody so that your vote will be counted.

To nominate simply reply with the name of the person you think deserves this award in the comments below.

This is the nomination post so please leave your nominations in the comments! You have until this post pays out to complete this step.

Don't forget about the nominator lottery, rules are at least 5 unique nominees, 17 unique nominators. You get an extra ticket if you write a post about MaM, 6x 10 steem prizes.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I would like to nominate @topkpop because she has been an outstanding member of #thealliance and very supportive of and helpful to all Steempeeps she comes across. Her posts are often highly undervalued and she puts some seriously good content out there in the form of vlogs and many written works. Her children's stories are great! So ya, that's my nomination.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I support this nomination. Love this girl! @topkpop is very supportive and she always makes people feel important through her deeds and encouragements. <3 <3 <3

I fully support this nomination cannot think of anyone more deserving @topkpop great es above and beyond to support people on Steemit and the community
So deserving of a nomination

Agree @topkpop is a great nomination. She's always willing to lend an ear if you need anything. I fully support this nomination and agree she is very deserving.

I second this. @topkpop is indeed playing a huge role in helping minnows grow. She interacts with members of #thealliance and encourages them to be better and get in touch with more people too. Also, her posts are of great quality and she does her best to bring something new to the limelight.

Couldn't agree more on this nomination @topkpop is amazing and does so much and deserves all the credit 😊

Yes! I agree with all of the above! @topkpop is a total hunny and is sooo supportive!


@enginewitty apoyo tu propuesta

Going for @topkpop.
But I have to read the post over again so I can really help

You couldn't find anyone more helpful and supportive than topkpop. Good luck to everyone, I'm sure they're all deserving but my vote would be with topk. Goldpop4life 😁

Brilliant nomination @enginewitty. I couldn't agree more. We love you @topkpop!!

Vote k pop

Agree - support @topkpop - assuming I am eligible to vote - it's late and I have had some 🍺 and 🍷 and couldn't work the rules out

I'd like to throw my support here! @topkpop

Excellent nomimation! @topkpop is a very worthy nominee, and has made many positive contributions to the lives of many of us here on Steemit. A highly undervalued member of the Steemit community.

I want to throw my support behind @topkpop! He never-ending support is amazing. I am humbled as I watch her in action, continuing to work issues until they are resolved.

I bow down to her awesomeness.

My pick is @topkpop as well. She has immensely contributed to #thealliance, regularly posts great (and often undervalued) content and is always ready to help. ✨

I truely support the nomination of @topkpop . Indeed deserving. Regards Nainaz

I support this nomination for @topkpop, is a person who is always helping others to improve and grow in our community.

There is no one more deserving of this than @topkpop

I would like to support the nomination for @topkpop . She deserves it!

I'm glad to see @topkpop's nomination, truly well-deserving.

As had been said countless times here, she is very supportive and welcoming of new/old steemians she encounters.

Just like how PAL/MSP makes everyone feel supported, welcomed and valued, kpop sends the same love to individuals she interracts with.

MSP values good content as well, no better candidate than her in this regard.

Proud to show my support to this awesome lady :)

Fullu support the nomination of @topkpop! She is an amazing steemian always ready to help at any given occasion!

100% agree @topkpop is awesome and is always ready to lend a hand whenever I need it.

I, like.... 25th, the nomination for @topkpop . What a badass contest.
Much love to MSP and Minnowsupport and all the founders <3

I nominate @sunravelme.

Sun Sun Sunravelme I do nominate

i nominate sunravelme!

I also nominate @sunravelme. I hope it helps her chance.

I nominate @sunravelme, she's amazing and hardworking.

I would like to enthusiastically nominate @topkpop -- she is so awesome and deserving, very helpful to those new to Steemit and posts top quality posts!!

I would like to nominate @hopehuggs.
She deserves it for her excellent writing skills and her passion to help others. And she also spreads a lot of hope, and give hugs!! :)

I second the nomination for @hopehuggs

I want to nominate @ma1neevent because he is a wonderful person who reaches out to help others in the minnowpond a lot! Not only by chat but also by curating minnows in a rather cool way!

Ma1neevent is a moderator so he can not be nominated, sorry, you can change your nomination as long as it is done before the post closes!

Oooh @ma1neevent! He is quite the Steempeep too! Great pick @poeticsnake!

Ma1neevent is a moderator so he can not be nominated, sorry, you can change your nomination as long as it is done before the post closes!

I would also like to nominate @topkpop, it's always a happy day when I have the chance to hang out with her on discord, she's always so much fun and hear cheerful attitude is inspiring.

I nominate @topkpop! She is so deserving of a win! She is one of the most helpful people I know on Steemit!!

I would also like to nominate @topkpop. She was very kind, welcoming and supportive to me when I first arrived here. Pop her to the top and don't stop, 'k! :)

First of all, even though i whole-heartedly agree that @topkpop deserves this prize and would use it wisely I would like to throw another nomination in the ring to keep this interesting.

I nominate: @thekittygirl

She is very loyal, loving, and talented with computery stuff --- especially #teamgirlpowa logos n banners! She is really welcoming and there for everyone in our little discord room ... not to mention she takes some beautiful photos !

I hope to win this some day. It is a good initiative

You can't self-nominate (I realise you're not here), but so it helps to get very involved in the MSP community so that others want to nominate you.

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Thanks for the information!

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I support this nomination.

I nominate @poeticsnake. I think she'd be a great candidate for this.

Excellent nomimation @topkpop