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RE: Mr. Robot's ECoin v.s. Bitcoin

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Nice post, however, I would disagree with your conclusion. The CEO is a negative character (I think the "most powerful person in the room" speech makes that clear). He is the head of Evil Corp. This pretty much the same, immoral, soulless mega corporation cliché we've seen a thousand times.

If the creators wanted to program us to prefer centralised currencies over Bitcoin, they wouldn't do it by having the villain of the show advocating it.


To the average steem user the E Corp guy is the bad guy. However in my opinion, the average American sees Elliot as the bad guy and E Corp as the good guy in this scenario. Where the hackers caused the financial collapse and Ecoin saved everyone from it with Ecoin, that is how they will sell their order from chaos, the new global digital currency will be the order, the chaos will be false flags allowed to take place that accelerate the financial collapse.

I don't know what "the average American" thinks, but I suspect most of them don't watch Mr Robot because they wouldn't even begin to understand it!

I think that's the point, the too big to fail model. Like HSBC and the panama papers and Sinaloa cartels. Or Wells Fargo and the account piracy.

I think you nailed it. The big 10 ... GE, MSFT, goog, appl, face ... will 'back' a new coin ... and acquire what little they have yet bought with a new $trillionarie asset. Between andriod, windows, face accounts, and iOS they could roll out a virtual banking system in 48hrs.

Bonus the major banks will offer up there customer accounts (given a niffty haircut) ... FOMO the herd to rush into it. so Ecoin will come attached to past banking records.

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