GTA 5 MODS: 🚘🎲1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Hard Top Mod 3.0 By MrGTAmodsgerman

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This Mod add a 64 Impala lowrider and a stock version + a real daytons wheel pack to GTA 5.
This Model is converted from Forza 4 and edited and new stuff scratched by MrGTAmodsgerman.



Stock/Lowrider version
✔️Add-On (ONLY)
✔️Over 400 tuning parts for the lowrider version (To game tuning parts limits)
✔️Wiper script support for both (stock/lowrider) version. The script is not required! No bugs without this script
✔️Outside/Inside colorable
✔️realistic damage hardness
✔️Realistic deformation area (new own created feature)
✔️Burn Area
✔️Original 1964 Window paint
✔️Moving Steering Wheel
✔️Custom headlight textures
✔️Brakeable Glass
✔️Original 64 wheels
✔️Original gauges
✔️Original Chevrolet Impala Windows Up/Down Movement
✔️Original dome lights
✔️Original jacking instructions (Stock version only)
✔️Original dashboard lightning
✔️Bullet trace
✔️Real 64 Chevrolet Sound
✔️GTA V License plate
✔️Outside and Inside Neon
✔️HQ Realistic Mirrors
✔️Extra Lights
✔️Dirt Map
✔️Normal Maps
✔️Lowrider version
✔️Realistic hydraulic handling mod
✔️Animated fuzzy Dizzy Cube for the lowrider version
✔️Animated engine
✔️Lowrider Interior tuning parts based on real lowriders.
✔️Original 409 3D Engine
✔️Real tuning parts
✔️Realistic oldshool exhaust smoke
✔️Realistic windshield cracking
✔️Realistic hydraulic handling with realistic real lowirder wheels bouncing back
✔️Realistic 3D headlights
✔️36 real daytons wheel pack
✔️LED light bars for some interior tuning
✔️Custom tuning parts names with translation for german V players
✔️Full LODs on both versions (stock/lowrider) but not on tuning parts except the wheel pack
✔️EmissiveMultiplier effect downgrade fix included
✔️Realistic custom suspension tuning
✔️YMT generated hashes for the model
For more information, just read the readme file from the download.

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