Oranges reduce blindness by 60%

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Think Oranges are good for eye health. Read up on Astaxanthin,I'm sure there are some opticians out there that would be dumbfounded by this study. This totally ignores established knowledge that AMD can be prevented by eating fruit and vegetables high in lutein. Personally, I have taken lutein supplements for many years and my annual eye-test has shown the macula in both eyes is in perfect working order. My optician has said that she would advise against smoking (not that I do); that is the biggest cause of macular degeneration, followed by strong sunlight (so wearing sunglasses is advisory). As regards "age-related", there has been an increase in AMD amongst youngsters in Australia. This can be attributed to them not protecting their eyes whilst surfing. My advice is to eat plenty of lutein-rich fruit and veg (just Google for advice), don't smoke and wear sunglasses in bright sunlight. I can only assume the author of this "evidence" is sponsored by the orange industry. Even better I find that eating food every day seens to reduce the chance of death in unscientific I know but just an observation, think I feel a book coming on


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So you find the research to be faulty?

vitamin c may stop macular degradation the mauclar is part of the retina

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