You're welcome. If you want to further engage with the community, I suggest joining, @steemspeak on Discord, or even the @steemtrail Discord channel You can share your links to your posts for others to see. We have some fellow Norwegians in Steemspeak as well :P

Hey @bitcoinparadise, this is @jilliankelsey 's boyfriend. Thanks for the tips on the steemspeak channel. I've been on Discord in the SteemPub but hadn't seen that channel before, so I'll have to drop by sometime. See you there!

Great!. do you have an account for others to follow as well @jilliankelsey 's boyfriend?

Edit:Nvm I overlooked the username :P

@adventureevryday, and it's important to show new users the potential of this platform. I hope she has gained belief from seeing the support on her first post and start posting more!

Sure do! I talked her into signing up here ;-) Check me out at @adventureevryday. I will check out and follow your blog as well.

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