Three Classic Red Pill Movies to make you think!

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The best movies are ones that make you think: here are three that are certain to do just that. Each of these movies has a unique commentary on our strange world. From different genres and eras,unique in style and presentation, they each have something to contribute. They're all worth watching.


Paths of Glory

This 1957 black and white classic shows us how the lives of men are sacrificed for the ambition and greed of a select few. Faced with the prospect of a major promotion, at the cost of the lives of his men, a military leader makes decisions that have major ramifications for the lives of his men. This is a wonderful movie, considered an all time classic and must be considered to be one of the best war movies of all time. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, you can't miss this one, and you also can't help but weep a little to know that this movie is probably a fairly accurate reflection of things that have happened in the real world.


Wag the Dog

A classic red pill movie, it shows the creation and direction of a fictitious war, launched entirely to take the heat off of a scandal plagued president. A director is hired, a war is created, and .. consequences unfold for everyone. Robert Deniro, Dustin Hoffman and Anne Heche star in this classic. I like it because you can easily envision many aspects of the movie unfold in real life (I bet they have.) At one time, you'd have had to have been a real cynic to think that this movie could at all parallel real life. Today, you'd have to be a rube to think it doesn't.


They Live

Perhaps THE red pill classic, "They Live" brings us into a world inhabited by two types of people: good and evil. The evil masquerade as the good, hiding amongst them .. but can be observed by wearing special sunglasses (the metaphorical equivalent of being red pilled.) The problem is, many people refuse to SEE. It's a little goofy, dated, and over-acted in the extreme. It's also a pretty accurate representation of our modern world. For these reasons and more, it's well worth watching. You'll laugh, and and you'll learn something.

Bonus: Rowdy Roddy Piper.

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Haven't seen any of these. Added them to my watch list! Thanks!

Well, if you're adding .. The Zero Theorem is very good/bizarre. Project Capricorn, an old one, is the original "Faked moon landing" movie.

Walkabout, if you can find it, is also quite awesome, in a totally different way. That movie encapsulates what it is to risk, and be rejected, in this world, in a way I have never quite seen before. Extremely powerful movie.

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