MOVIE REVIEW: "Draft Day" (2014)

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Synopsis: A football team is having a very bad season, and team manager Sonny Weaver Jr. is in danger of being fired. On the day of hiring new talent, Sonny has to prove to the sports world that he can bring the best names to his team.

A natural curiosity for sports lovers (or at least a part of them) is to try to understand how the backstage of a particular sport works in its various sectors and if this is also a curiosity of yours (especially if it is about football) this a movie that's right for you because that is the most targeted focus.


The main mechanism of the script (in which it clings a lot) is to show the viewer some of the problems that are involved in hiring new athletes. In addition, the narrative invests in a climate of tension involving the most diverse types of professionals who get their jobs by a thread when the teams are not doing well. This relationship of total dependence is much more evident on the screen when the most critical moments of the plot appear.

Going a little deeper into the problem (which is much more complex than shown in the movie), the script also invests in the divergences that occur between the high-ranking members who "control" this sport and makes it clear how far they are willing to go (without measuring efforts in this war) to maintain their full power in the "food chain". It is a football-related B-side that a lot of people would not want to see.

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In the midst of these dilemmas, there is still plenty of room to talk about overcoming stories that make the script more personal (creating an easier connection with the general public) and less mechanical. In this way, the movie also functions very well as a fully open field to show the most positive points surrounding the characteristics constantly found in the winners.

At the forefront of turning these stories into reality through their respective characters are Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. Although none of them are so well developed they still manage to save their respective characters because of their good performances. The supporting actors also deserve a considerable attention because they can show themselves as pieces that aggregate the functioning of the narrative that builds the movie.

The Current

Some of the movie's most effective points are more visible in their technical aspects, because in general it is a well produced movie that has a different style by attacking not only in one aspect (that would just show the sport itself) and trying to create a mix of ideas that provides a better understanding of the world that surrounds this sport.

Ivan Reitman is the director behind this film and his work is another aspect that can get the project on track despite its slips. While trying to expose the drama within this "business world" (strange as it may sound for many people, this is it... it's not just sports), he can insert a humorous approach that makes the film less dense, more fluid and thus can capture the attention of the audience more quickly.

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Despite its ups and downs, Draft Day is a movie that - in its overall balance - is much better than it initially shows (you just need a little patience in your slower moments, that although monotonous, are necessary to support the plot) and if given credit it may even surprise many viewers.


MY RATING: AA (8,0/10)

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